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Hurt Valley: Tessara (Ep, 2011)

Otro de nuestros descubrimientos en nuestra navegación diaria por internet y ese océano proceloso llamado Bandcamp se llama Hurt Valley. Como en otros casos, casi nula información, un Facebook y un MySpace casi vacíos de contenido, pero he aquí que nos encontramos con lo que en TJB nos interesa: la música. Su sonido proviene de California, éso parece que ya predispone para encontrarnos con ritmos soleados, buenas melodías y cierto espíritu transgresor. Pues no os equivocáis. Hurt Valley sabe mezclar esos elementos añadiéndoles algún elemento Lo-Fi (I am an avalanche), algún toquecito Retro (Let them be) o folkie-festivo (Monuments). El resultado final: un Ep interesante y un par de singles más que decentes. Puedes descargar su música gratuitamente desde su Bandcamp.

Hurt Valley – Tessara (Ep, 2011)

“If you collect vinyl or have a passion for it, you’ll know as soon as you hear an album/EP/single whether it’ll sound good on wax or not. Some things just work and some things don’t, like Lady Gaga; I mean, even listening to her drivel on vinyl can’t help her sound any better.  You’ll also know that if you collect vinyl, the way you initially consumed and enjoyed said album can change significantly once listened to on wax.  The reason I mention this is because Hurt Valley’s “Tessara” EP would sound fantabulous on vinyl with it’s distorted and unabashed lo-fi vibe, the layers of vocals and the blanket upon snuggie upon blanket of background intricacies, and the half-sung-half-spoken subtle words. The dude, Brian, is from California and there are definitely a few tunes between this EP and his previous “Desolation Views” that sound like they come straight off the beach, caked in sunscreen as an ice cream cone melts over your fingers and drips onto your shoes.  Both EPs are available for free from his Bandcamp page and below you can hear a few cuts from each” (

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