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Poesía en la tierra del Couuntry – TRISTEN: Sneaker Waves (Pupsnake Records, 2017)

Sneaker Waves

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No nos encaja demasiado que en Nashville se facture Pop delicado, cargado de lirismo y cierta sensibilidad; aunque TRISTEN se encarga de eliminar esos clichés, añadiéndole, además, por momentos gotitas de Fuzzy, gotitas de arreglos de sintetizadores que consiguen que este Sneaker Waves (aunque por momentos roza el status de ese Pop de las Major Leagues), se consolide como un trabajo de buen Pop. Con mayúsculas.

Tristen is no stranger to the music scene. Those around the Nashville scene got to know her a bit as an aspiring folk/country singer/songwriter, particularly after her 2011 album Charlatans At The Garden Gate, and tours with the likes of Justin Townes Earle.
Backed by people like Jenny Lewis, who returns the favour (Tristen was part of Jenny’s backing band for a while), Tristen was able to come up with an ingenious combination of Big Star playing Harry Nilsson songs, sung with by a great pop female voice, at moments akin to that of Aimee Mann.
The introductory Got Some has intricate guitar lines, while Glass Jar has great Lewis vocals and Tristen’s signature organ sound. The upbeat tone of the music which is almost perfectly executed continues throughout the album, but the seductive summery tones are just something to draw you into Tristen’s quite perceptive lyrics” (Rough Trade)

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Lapping – TRISTEN: Sneaker waves (Modern Outsider, 2017)

Sneaker Waves abounds in toothsome melodies and glistening layers of guitar and synth. (Tristen and her husband/collaborator Buddy Hughen handle nearly everything but the rhythm section and orchestral accompaniment.) Her voice is a willowy instrument, and she uses it confidingly, the demureness of her vocal attack beckoning listeners into intimate range. But it’s not softness that she’s delivering; she bears quietly lacerating witness to vulnerability” (


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Tristen: Eager for your love (Ep, 2010)

Reconozco que tras una cierta sobreexposición al género digamos que Americana/Country/Folk tras un año 2008 repleto de tales sonidos, últimamente todo lo que huele al género suelo rechazarlo. Pero no hace mucho me he topado con un blog en el que se hablaba del Ep que Tristen regala, este Eager for your love. Y lo cierto es que los tres temas con los que me he encontrado enganchan: melodías con tintes melancólicos, inquietudes post-adolescentes, una voz realmente agradable, y tres temas realmente compactos y cálidos. Su aire a Neko Case o Kate Bush no se lo quita nadie, pero el single es realmente apreciable. Acompañan dos temas más: Cheatin y Baby drugs, dos agradables temas a medio camino entre el Indie y el Country-Pop. Puedes disfrutar de él a cambio de una dirección de email. Su debut en disco grande está previsto para Febrero de este año y se titulará Charlatans at the garden gate.

Tristen – Eager for your love (Ep, 2010)

“Tristen is a Nashville songstress who has created a distinct sound weaving classic country and singer/songwriter balladry to create some warm, reflective and entertaining material, highlighted perfectly on lead-single “Eager For Your Love”. Tristen highlights a strong vocal, a reflective sometimes witty song-writing ability with enjoyable melodies. Perfect for a weekend tucked away at home.
A full-length album ‘Charlatans At The Garden Gate’ is due out February 1st 2011 for now, you can download the entire 7″ single ‘Eager For Your Love’ for free if you head over to” (

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