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Songs for Walter: Moon/Two out of ten (Single, 2012)

BG039 | Moon/Two Out Of Ten cover art

Hacía algún tiempo que no posteábamos algo del sello californiano Bleeding Gold Records. Afortunadamente, Roger se acordó no hace mucho de nosotros y nos envió algún recordatorio y nuevo material para nuestros oídos.
Si algo caracteriza a BG es su eclecticismo a la hora de contactar y producir solistas o bandas. Songs for Walter es una de sus últimas referencias. Para conocerlos, la tarjeta de presentación es impresionante. Este sencillo, aparecido en Diciembre del año pasado es una canción tremenda del mejor Pop electroacústico. En realidad, Songs for Walter es el alter ego de Laurie Hulme, un cantautor de Manchester que es capaz de facturar maravillas como ésta Moon/Two out of ten, un corte con un aire nostálgico que me desarma…


“Songs For Walter alter-ego Laurie Hulme has been bashing out new songs as though they’re going out of fashion. Released just a month after his last single, ‘Moon/Two Out Of Ten’ is the latest offering from the Manchester based singer songwriter. Rather than a biographical account of his Grandfather’s life, the song focuses on Walter’s passionate hatred of space travel and other non essential scientific endeavours. It is a step away from his earlier acoustic offerings, more of an indie rock affair in vein of his heroes Sebadoh, The Lemonheads and Guided by Voices. 
It may be that this time around Walter’s stories are gone, but they’re not entirely forgotten; Hulme’s new songs unfold like narratives within themselves, worthy of any grandfather’s tale to a grandson – traditional yet timeless, without pretense and always carrying a message. And things have been kept in the family still, with Hulme continuing to share production duties with his cousin Ed (Working For A Nuclear Free City). 
His last single ‘Tougher Than A Soldier’s Boots’ gained multiple radio plays by Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq and Tom Ravenscroft. Having spent the last 8 months furiously bringing his last single and debut EP to life with numerous live performances around the country and relishing a work ethic just as strong, Songs For Walter’s Laurie Hulme has been a busy man.
Building a momentum to release a free single each month up until Summer 2013, in which a lovely piece of vinyl will be released documenting this amazing story of ‘Songs For Walter’ (Bleeding Gold)

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Songs for Walter: Meet me at the Empire (Ep, 2012)

BG016 | Meet Me At The Empire cover art

Más nuevos discos de Bleeding Gold Records. Songs for Walter son un dúo de Manchester dedicados a componer tiernas composiciones del mejor Pop-Folk bajo estrictas directrices Lo-Fi. Su música está tan influenciada tanto por Guided by Voices o Sebadoh como por Smog, Bill Calahan, Nick Drake o Bonnie “Prince” Billy.
El concepto del disco está claramente influenciado por el Songs for Drella de Lou Reed y John Cale, y Walter es un personaje real, en concreto el abuelo de uno de los miembros. Canciones absolutamente radiantes, positivas y sin ningún tipo de compromiso. La nostalgia se mezcla con el presente creando polaroids en blanco y negro que apuntan a un futuro esperanzador.
Meet me at the Empire se acaba de editar en Bleeding Gold Records, a un precio (como siempre) anti-crisis. 

Songs for Walter – Meet me at the Empire (Ep, 2012)

“When it comes to family, many of us keep things close to our chests. But rather than keeping his kin hidden in an old dusty photo album, Songs For Walter’s Laurie Hulme is more likely to befound making a song about them. In particular his late grandfather Walter. One listen to the Meet Me At The Empire EP and what you’ll hear is a stunning memoir of one extraordinary fellow and his strangely wonderful world.
You could call this EP the perfect tribute. Walter was a living, breathing story himself. From his much-loved caravan holidays in Scotland and Wales brilliantly depicted by Ukulele song’Tin Can’, to the bittersweet romance of lead-track ‘Meet Me At The Empire’ – a tale of Laurie’s grandparents’ first date to the Empire theatre – each song is like a yellowing polaroid taking you further into another chapter of Walter’s life.
But make no mistake; this is not simply a nostalgia trip. Equally inspired by Lou Reed and John Cale’s “SongsFor Drella” the two releases of the EP is a personal musical anecdote exuding the kind of rawness to only come from a self-produced release. “I really love lo-fi stuff, there’s something so much more honest about it,”explains Laurie. “What you lose in quality you gain in character.”
And that’s what really sets Songs For Walter apart. This EP has bags of character. Each song stands up on its own but together creates a legacy reflecting a Bill Callahan/Smog-like balance of sincerity and absurdity, The Spinto Band in reflective mode, or perhaps new kid on the blogs, fellow one-man bedroom outfit Youth Lagoon.
After the debut single ‘Merry GoRound’ released on The Drums’ Holiday Records imprint, what’s next on the agenda? “Lots more songs… I’ve got loads of tunes written and half of themrecorded,” says Laurie. “I’ve put together a great band and playedsome exciting shows supporting acts like Big Deal and Cloud Control.”
Whatever is around the corner, Songs For Walter reminds usthat essentially, life is sweet; but not your bog-standard Werther’s Original” (Bleeding Gold Records)

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