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White Lamas: Summer´s coming soon to you (Stockholm R&P, Single, 2016)

White Lamas son una enigmática banda que nos deja este contagioso Summer´s coming soon to you. En su facebook afirman que su música es la música del futuro. Quizás sea una afirmación demasiado ambiciosa, aunque su Electropop de libro (que ya tiene poco de futuro), es bastante gratificante y delicioso.


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Tv Girl: Who really cares (2016)

El último artefacto de Tv Girl no difiere demasiado de sus anteriores lanzamientos: ambiente musical y estético cercano a la imagen y la música (y se demuestra en muchos samplers) de los sesenta. Letras ingeniosas y un ambiente en general bastante hedonista. Brad Petering continúa dando con la fórmula… “An album about Sex, or lack thereof, and its consequences or lack thereof”

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TV Girl – 2016 Tour Dates
Mar 31 The Hi Hat Los Angeles, CA
Apr 01 Hideout San Diego, CA
Apr 02 Trunk Space Phoenix, AZ
Apr 03 Lowbrow Palace El Paso, TX
Apr 05 Rubber Gloves Rehearal Studios Denton, TX
Apr 06 RBC Dallas, TX
Apr 07 Hi Tones San Antonio, TX
Apr 09 Walter’s Downtown Houston, TX
Apr 11 Circle Bar New Orleans, LA
Apr 13 New World Brewery Tampa, FL
Apr 14 Sidebar Miami, FL
Apr 15 Will’s Pub Orlando, FL
Apr 17 FooBar Nashville, TN
Apr 19 Odditorium Asheville, NC
Apr 20 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC
Apr 21 Comet Ping Pong Washington, DC
Apr 22 Alphaville Brooklyn, NY
Apr 23 Ortlieb’s Philadelphia, PA
Apr 24 Middle East Cambridge, MA
Apr 26 Casa Del Popolo Montreal, Canada
Apr 27 Smiling Buddha Toronto, Canada
Apr 28 Mahall’s – Locker Room Cleveland, OH
Apr 29 Majestic Cafe Detroit, MI
Apr 30 Downstairs Chicago, IL
May 04 Hi-Dive Denver, CO
May 05 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT
May 07 Barboza Seattle, WA
May 08 Liquor Store Portland, OR
May 13 Brick & Mortar San Francisco, CA
May 14 Troubadour West Hollywood, CA

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Tender Age: Disappear here (Ep, Sinis Recordings, 2016)

La continuación al sublime Get high/Always publicado el pasado otoño es este melancólico Ep, que continúa la línea iniciada por aquel pero tomando también partido por sendas algo más experimentales. Contiene, además, dos versiones de la época más inocente del Rock.

“Recorded, mixed and produced by the band and Eric Sabatino, “Disappear Here EP” is an aural demonstration of the bands more experimental tendency. Intended to be heard as a continuous series of newly recorded material, the EP contains 3 new originals and 2 wild interpretations of classic pop-constructs, as processed through the fuzzed-up and tangled-guitar melodies instinctive to the 5-piece. Additional surprise material weaves in and out of the tracks, sewing together a seamless experience for equal factions of bedroom-pop dwellers and basement-boombox enthusiasts. The lead single, “Lowers” finds the band treading the territory of last year’s single with a penchant for further improvisation and blown out saccharine hooks. Fans of 90’s-era DGC delicacies and the Deal sisters’ playful excursions in sonic reduction will find much to rejoice over. This is the escape, strap on the headphones and close the door behind you” (Press)

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Tender Age: Get High / Always (7″, Sinis Recordings, 2015)


Get high/Always se trata del penúltimo lanzamiento de los Shoegazers Tender Age, grupo de Portland que milita en la facción más ensoñadoramente Dream del Shoegaze de guitarras. Sublime.

“Entitled “Get High”, the new lead track finds Tender Age nodding to the pioneers of the 80’s and 90’s Creation Records explosion. With a three guitar onslaught, the band makes every effort to bury the undeniable melodic hooks behind a wall of sound. However, while succeeding in blanketing fuzz, echo and distortion atop six-string melodies, the end result backfires in the greatest way possible – the hooks become an all-encompassing sunkiss on the entirety of the song. On the flipside, “Always”, Leonardo and Tardif take center-stage with long-drawn vocal laments that overlap and harmonize at points, bringing to mind the most beautifully lulling moments of Chapterhouse entwined in the rapturous rolling-reverb of Mazzy Star and Black Tambourine. The two tracks perfectly capture the duality in Tender Age’s nature – a disruptively-spirited complexion (“Get High”) behind an achingly beautiful heart (“Always”). Calling the double A-side single “seasonally appropriate” is an understatement. They’ve written arguably the perfect coupling of a spirited Summer-anthem (“Get High”) and heartbreaking Autumn-lament (“Always”)


MAY 26


1001 SE Morrison St

Portland, OR




High Water Mark

6800 NE MLK Blvd

Portland, OR


Hollow Sunshine

Death Bells

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Horse Jumper of Love: Horse Jumper of Love (2016)

“Simon Don’t know how to describe this. It’s one of those albums that you can put on and drift away to another place. I could have this on repeat for a week.
Camryn Marquez I really enjoy this record. This band knows that at the essence of slow, indie rock lies the ability to make the listener feel a very contemporary version of morose that stems from a very pragmatic source- whatever that source is. Listen to this and explore those emotions creeping underneath your every day routine.
Nick Vidal sprawled on the floor, not sleeping, though not quite awake, feeling the breeze and the cold ground, the sun moves out from behind the trees to bathe you in light. you didn’t ask for this; you might have enjoyed your darkness, but you enjoy it nonetheless” (If It Be Your Will)

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Liberty Ship: Learning to fly (Single, 2016)

Como se dijo en algún blog: Poptimism. Guitarras limpias y arreglitos de cuerda que nos evocan a Housemartins, Smiths


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Grave School: Grave School (Ep, 2016)

Grave School EP cover art

Auténtico Indie a base de guitarrazos y mucho Fuzzy.


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Ringo Deathstarr: Pure mood (Club AC30, 2015)

Pure Mood

Guitarras y Ensoñaciones

Los tejanos Ringo Deathstarr han puesto desde hace tiempo el piloto automático para elaborar discos que rozan la perfección del Shoegaze. Deudores reconocidos y absolutos de los grandes totems del género (Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride…), RD tienen guiños en su último trabajo a todos ellos, pero también a grupos como Smashing Pumpkins (Heavy Metal suicide) o a la facción más Dream (Guilt, Dream again, Show me the truth of your love, California car collection) del género.
Un trabajo que no tiene desperdicio y que los amantes del Shoegaze reconocerán como uno de los momentos cumbre de una banda que se ha establecido como un referente moderno del Shoegaze.

Ringo Deathstarr‘s 2015 effort Pure Mood is another excellent example of how to make a modern-age shoegaze album. Pile layers of fuzzy, grungy guitar noise on top of sugary tunes sung in breathless tones, add the occasional twist, and stir. It’s a formula bands have been using since Kevin Shieldsbought his first Jazzmaster, but as on previous albums, RDS show the kind of melodic skill and sonic ability here that allow them to leap ahead of the pack of shoegaze imitators and wannabes. Along with the raft of songs are perfect male/female vocal harmonies and swooning hooks — the kind of stuff they’ve been doling out for years. The album takes a couple of stylistic left turns that are bracing and welcome. “Heavy Metal Suicide” pretty much lives up to its title, swaggering darkly with the guitars giving some serious metal attitude in the verses. The choruses switch back to gauzier realms, but the punch of the guitars helps give the album a boost right out of the gate — especially coming as it does after one of the album’s dreamier interludes, the aptly titled “Dream Again.” That song’s wispy atmosphere is very 4AD and, along with the also very cloud-like and drifty “California Car Collection,” shows another side of the band’s sound. So does the super poppy “Old Again.” Diversions aside, the real power of the album is in songs like “Frisbee” and “Never” that pummel the listener with guitar noise and giant melodies. There are plenty of bands doing roughly the same thing as Ringo Deathstarr, but there are few who do it as well as they do. Pure Mood is proof of that” (All Music)

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Holiday Home: Greetings from (Z Tapes, 2016)

He aquí una interesante forma de cómo fusionar el Fuzzy y el Do It Yourself de manera más que amena y deleitable… “Sun-kissed slacker pop”


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Adeline Hotel: Near you (Single, 2016)

Preciosa mezcla entre música de carretera, Fuzzy y Country que nos hace soñar con parajes abiertos…

“A rustic folk sound through which the genre is broken apart and put back together in smaller, more refined pieces. You can hear traces of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and even Will Oldham…but Adeline Hotel is more than the sum of its influences”  (Nooga)


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Las Ruinas Circulares: Quilimbay (Demo, 2016)

Una dimensión más de LoFi, a la argentina…

Proyecto musical de Alex Agüero que pretende mixturar influencias del Noise Pop, el Shoegaze, el Dream Pop y las sonoridades ambientales: “Sin imaginación no hay formula en el mundo”


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VV.AA.: Una Nueva Dimensión (Ondas del Espacio, 2015)

“Una Nueva Dimensión reúne a 12 bandas de diferentes lugares del país que tiene algo en común: temazos que te transportan a lugares que no habías visitado. La selección de los grupos y sus canciones está basada estrictamente en los gustos musicales de Ondas del Espacio y la posterior secuenciación de los temas fue elegida a conciencia para que la escucha fuera la más adecuada, por eso existe un fluido sonoro que es continuo en todo el disco. Quizás son voces del más allá las que nos han impulsado a elegirlos, no lo sabemos, pero lo que tenemos claro es que cada tema aporta una experiencia sonora única que igual te llena de energía, que te evade o lleva a vivir nuevas experiencias.
El elenco de bandas que aparecen son grupos reconocidos en su corto inicio y posiblemente estamos ante las bandas que están llamadas a colocarse en la cima de la escena independiente nacional menos convencional y más arriesgada. En UND cabe desde el pop psicodélico hasta el garage-rock alternativo o el shoegaze más noise de grupos como The Loud Residents, Hi Corea!, Baywaves, Alppine, La Maniobra de Q, Éter, Telephants, ExNovios, Morales, Sol y Sombra, Monte Terror y Homeless. Posiblemente estamos ante el disco recopila gran parte lo que ha dado de si la escena nacional emergente del último año”

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Childsaint: Hallelujah Heartache (Single, 2016)

“Hallelujah Heartache offers the familiar sounds of Childsaint’s soft and soulful choral vocal melodies, combined with the backdrop of dark and dreamy layers of guitars and drums. A little louder and a little grittier than Sick, this single is a sneak peak at how the band’s sound has evolved since the release of their debut EP” (Press)


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Lou E: What Do You Do It For? (Beach Come, Single, 2016)

Tremendo sencillo que navega entre Lou Reed, Elliot Smith o cualquiera de los crooners contemporáneos. Es el debut del londinense Lou E.

“Pairing the song writing styles and lyricism of the likes of Elliot Smith and Lou Reed with intricate contemporary guitar work similar to Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lou E’s work is intensely personal whilst retaining a refined and sincere feeling. In his own words, “Lou E is the chance for me to discuss issues, problems and worries that I’m far too British to talk about with everybody and nobody at the same time”.
This concern for a progressive dialogue is found in lead track ‘What Do You Do It For?’, which deals with faux-spirituality and it’s rise as a trend, the snide line of “go find yourself some more” a shot at those who return from foreign cultures with only a set of clichéd appropriations and a pair of harem pants to show for their travels. Turning on his own anxieties for the single’s B-side, ‘Next Time’, Milburn mourns a relationship that ended badly due to a lack of communication and honesty as he sings ‘Say next time for sure / When your heart is out the door’ as drums crash behind him” (Press)

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Jeff The Brotherhood: Global Chakra Rhythms (Infinity Cat Recordings, 2015)

Global Chakra Rhythms

Buenas Intenciones

Durante 2015 Jeff The Brotherhood escenificaron su ruptura con Warner con la edición de este Global Chakra Rhythms, un disco maduro en el que el dúo se aleja de su concepción musical habitual, se hace acompañar de una banda más extensa en el estudio y en los directos. Para ello, facturaron un álbum que es una especie de larga Jam Session donde la experimentación se da la mano con el Kraut y con el Indie de guitarras. 
Un trabajo difícil, que muestra una actitud inquieta de los hermanos Orrall, un deseo de evolucionar y de buscar nuevos horizontes sonoros. 

“Arriving a mere six months after the delayed release of their Warner-funded but independently issued eighth album, Wasted on the Dream, Nashville’s JEFF the Brotherhood make a true break from their short-lived, major-label days with the loose, jammy Global Chakra Rhythms. While the new age title might suggest some sort of quasi-mystical, Putumayo-induced yoga coma, it feels more like an excuse to stretch out with their recently expanded lineup for some languorous, in-studio psych-jamming. After the heightened production values on Wasted on the Dream, the hypnotic, free-form noodling and druggy drones of Global Chakra Rhythms — not to mention its extended playing time — sound blatantly uncommercial, providing a decisive send-off to Warner Bros., with whom JEFF did not part amicably. The hooky power pop and frequent comparisons to Weezer that have dogged brothersJake and Jamin Orrall for years are either missing or cloaked in slinky, spaced-out textures like on the dreamy highlight “Radiating Fiber Plane.” The title cut itself is a chugging seven-minute opus of dithering guitars, organ drones, electric sitar, and wild saxophone, a combo repeated throughout many of the other lengthy tracks. Fans of JEFF‘s earlier, more lo-fi output will enjoy the freer tone and attitude of this album, which cashes in on the band’s stoner and Krautrock tendencies more than anything else they’ve ever released. The addition of touring bandmates Chet Jameson (bass) and Kunal Prakash (guitar) along with a slew of studio guests like the Dead Weather‘s Jack Lawrence andHeavy Cream‘s Jessica McFarland help to create a kinetic, collaborative atmosphere and revive the Orrall brothers’ creative whimsies. JEFF the Brotherhood cover a lot of sonic ground on this one and while its meandering, experimental nature might not lead to an instant connection, Global Chakra Rhythms is a mind-expander worth spending some time with” (All Music)

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93MillionMilesFromTheSun: Nothing left inside (Ep, 2015)

Ampulosos, grandilocuentes y algo épicos, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun publicaron en el 2015 este Ep que les mantiene en el primer plano de la escena Neo-Shoegazer.


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The Tamborines: Sea of Murmur (2015)

The Tambourines editaron el año pasado el que fue su segundo álbum, este Sea of Murmur, un trabajo en el que los brasileño-británicos inciden en su concepto Fuzzy-Pop y en esa manera de entender la música tan cercana a los planteamientos de los Teenage Fanclub primigenios. Sencillez, espontaneidad y bastante frescura rezuman en la mayor parte de sus temas. Puedes descargar el disco desde su enlace Bandcamp.

The Tamborines – a male/female duo originally from Brazil – liked their effects pedals that night and the fuzz firmly found its way on to debut album Camera And Tremor in 2010. The follow-up Sea Of Murmur pays little reference to the initial direction at all though, keeping things more simple by concentrating on pop melodies and straightforward jangly guitar lines rather than a fuzzy feedback-drenched onslaught, resultantly leaning towards Teenage Fanclub rather than shoegaze trailblazers Ride.
Perhaps the biggest nod to the past appears for Slowdown, one of a few reworked older tracks that appear here. Uptempo electric guitar chords are strummed alongside tambourine for a catchy number that sees brief, punchy injections of fuzz before a simple riff completes the reverb contributions. Black And Blue is another of the older cuts given a makeover and again, if fleetingly for its guitar interludes, hints at their early guise, as does the sugary pop of One Afternoon, for its instrumental breaks where scrawling guitars threaten to burst free.
The duo have a liking for cinema and several tracks are inspired by this theme. The sparse Fellini’s Thorn namechecks the Italian director, blending Henrique Laurindo’s melodious vocals with strumming acoustics, light percussion, rapid tambourine activity and some tempered electric guitar playing. The sub two-minute Ghost At The Lighthouse, inspired by a silent movie, provides an eerie moment where minimalist verses of strummed guitar and subtle percussion create an atmosphere.
Poignant effort Indian Hill – another oldie – is the only track to feature Lulu Grave on vocals and the timing seems right for its rehash, with lyrics like “I’ll turn around ‘cos I don’t belong here” seemingly more meaningful now, as the sad undertones now reflect the couple ending their own relationship. The split doesn’t seem to have damaged their output though: opener Another Day is built around an instantly addictive Teenage Fanclub like arpeggiated, jangly guitar line for a song that paints remorse with its message of “something always rhymes with goodbye”. The brief, seven-note electric guitar ditty is simplicity itself and the jaunty structure of the song does its best to convey its message in a sugar-coated way.
Said The Spider To The Fly is a major highlight, as a spritely guitar and mesmerising guitar solo lead-out delight alongside a Ride influenced vocal melody from when they toned down the feedback, but the two closing tracks steal its glory. Firstly, Dreaming Girl bounces along to Velvet Underground like racing guitars and tambourine for an addictive effort and then The Most Important Thing concludes proceedings with another sweetly sublime vocal melody set amongst simple chords before a damn fine yet super-simple guitar solo appears.
Sea Of Murmur isn’t going to elevate the band to a higher plane without considerable radio support. But those that have stumbled across The Tamborines by chance know, and it’s up to the Bills of this world to spread the word. People should be hearing Sea Of Murmur” (Music OMH)

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Kingdom of The Holy Sun: Cat sounds (Single, 2016)

Kingdom of The Holy Sun vuelven con un nuevo y animoso sencillo de tintes garajeros, y sin embargo tonos felices, que puedes descargar desde su enlace Bandcamp.

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Will Spector y Los Fatus: Bill Murray (Vídeo-Single, 2015)

Si algo tiene de bueno la actual escena musical en nuestro país es que al vivir tan pocas bandas de la música, el nivel creativo ha subido mucho, ya que no demasiados grupos tienen vínculos estrechos con sus discográficas que les obliguen a seguir tal o cual directriz musical o comercial.
Ignoro si Will Spector y Los Fatus vivirán de sus royalties o de sus actuaciones, pero algo está claro. WSLF son una banda que mola: porque tienen un gran sentido del humor y se ciscan en muchos de los tópicos del mundo musical.
Para este vídeo-sencillo, Los Oscenses se han fijado en la estancada escena festivalera, que año tras año (gran verdad) aboga por bandas que en su mayor parte apuestan por la continuidad sonora o por el aplauso fácil. A base de ritmos secuenciados y guitarrazos, Bill Murray se convierte en el tercer sencillo de un álbum más que recomendable: Arriba de bien, editado el año pasado.

“Cada año, muchos de los principales festivales del país fusilan inmisericordemente el cartel del año pasado o del vecino de al lado para ofrecernos más de lo mismo: grupos que piden palmas. Este año, el bucle pesadillesco parece continuar, como si estuviésemos atrapados en el día de la marmota pero sin Bill Murray para amenizar la fiesta. Este es nuestro humilde homenaje a los esforzados programadores del país que nos dan vidilla de un modo u otro. Realizado por Disturbio Films, Will Spector y Los Fatus presentan: Bill Murray.
Dirigido por Daniel Pardo, se trata del tercer video de la banda para  “Arriba de Bien” tras los anteriores para las canciones “No es una mujer” y “Que vas a volver“. En esta ocasión la temática amorosa es dejada a un lado para hincarle el colmillo a la situación festivalera que se viene repitiendo durante los últimos años. Esto es, festivales clónicos y de escasa personalidad en los que el riesgo brilla por su ausencia” (Prensa)


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Howling Sludge: On the wall (Desert Mine Music, Single, 2016)

La versión más cañera y guitarrera de The Sorry Kisses se llama Howling Sludge, un proyecto en el que participan los mismos miembros del grupo y que factura un sonido noventero de Pop de guitarras contagioso y adictivo.


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