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Grass Widow: Shadow (Single, 2010)


Continuamos con grupos femeninos. En esta ocasión le prestamos atención al combo de California Grass Widow, una formación especializada en un Pop acelerado con reminiscencias nuevaoleras y Post-Punks. Su sonido es muy acorde al que se realiza más bien en la urbe de los rascacielos en estos últimos tiempos, y no en su California natal. En cualquier caso, la banda edita este verano su álbum de debut Past Time (2010), con el que se emparentan con gentes como Dum Dum Girls o las mencionadas anteriormente en The JangleBox Liechtenstein o Tender Trap por la vertiente europea más poppy.

Grass Widow – Shadow (Single, 201o)

“Stripped to the bone but filed razor sharp, Grass Widow are the heir apparent to the marriage of post-punk and 90’s female DIY. “Shadow” tumbles along on a bed of bass and springy threads of guitar that only serve to bob and weave between the Widows’ swoops of vocal interplay. If anything feels like it belongs on Kill Rock Stars, right here and now its Grass Widow, and we love them for that.
Grass Widow formed in 2007 and quickly received attention within the Bay Area as well as national underground press via publications like Yeti.Influenced by similarly all-female punk and post-punk acts like The Neo Boys and Kleenex, they also note Roy Wood’s The Move and The Kinks as a major source of inspiration, which can be heard in their three-part harmonies, complex arrangements and odd chord progressions.
In addition to these musical influences, Grass Widow is influenced by a legacy of women who have paved the way through their music and politics.Their collaborative songwriting process, the fact that they don’t have a front person and that they all equally contribute to the work of the band speaks to this philosophy. In addition, they take the opportunity as an all female band to bring attention to the roles of spectacle and spectator in their scene and make a conscious effort to play shows where women are involved” (

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