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Memory Screen: Memory Screen Ep (2010)


Sus voces son absolutamente etéreas, como un coro de voces de niños en una capilla; están grabadas con mucha, mucha reverb, por momentos nos recuerdan a My Bloody Valentine, por otros a cualquier banda de Chill Out o Ambient-Pop. La etiqueta que mejor le convendría a Memory Screen: Libres. Libres de hacer el sonido que le apetece, porque Memory Screen es el proyecto en solitario de Mark Webber (no, no es el piloto de F-1); un disco hecho con muy pocas ataduras, con su música fluyendo en el reproductor, con sus ritmos repetitivos pero certeros. Un disco de los de escuchar con relax y sin pensar en lo que vendrá después. Puedes descargar el Ep desde su Bandcamp y también comprarlo.

Memory Screen – Memory Screen Ep (2010)

“As you are faithful to Delicious Scopitone, you probably know Mark Webber through his contribution to Neon Canyon and Japan Sue. You may not know about his solo project called Memory Screen. Yet we’ve already mentioned it, a year ago. We are then obviously ready to announce the release of his eponymous EP available today and dowloadable through bandcamp. For those who would rather have the object, I am of course glad to tell that a version on tape (100 copies with a Tyler Los-Jones poster included) is also available on Silent Farm Recording for $7 or directly through the artist for only $5. From electro layers to the lullaby of Mark’s voice, this new EP is inviting us to plunge body and soul into music as we would do for a long and delicious nap. On the abyss side, my nightmares morphed into sweetish dreams. With memory always in need to be shown its way, I advise you to follow and subscribe to Mark’s Tumblr. I can already announce a coming featuring with Brooke Manning a.k.a LOOM” (

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