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Boy or Bison: Boy or Bison (Ep, 2010)

Con este original juego de palabras se presenta este trío de Manchester en el panorama musical. Un grupo que no tiene prejuicios a la hora de enseñar sus juguetitos Retro, sus pedales de distorsión y su reverbs, mucha reverb, para dar forma a un sonido típicamente añejo, algo Retro, como decíamos, pero no carente de atractivo. Su música lo mismo está influenciada por el Doo-Wop que por el Garaje (Hold my breath, Periscope), el Pop de los sesenta (Fog of love) y el Surf (Make me go); y sus canciones tienen un cierto encanto kitch que les otorga cierto atractivo. En su MySpace tienen colgadas las que yo intuyo que serían sus primeras grabaciones, porque su Ep, homónimo, lo puedes encontrar en descarga gratuita desde su Bandcamp.

Boy or Bison – Boy or Bison (Ep, 2010)

“The term ‘advert music’ is usually quite a derogative term, saved for lesser bands who starting making music solely in the hope that toilet Duck might start using it. But mainly, whether or not you get to keep your dignity is largely down to which products you’re endorsing. In an alternate world where the world never really advanced past the 1950′s, Boy or Bison would be soundtracking pretty much every 3 minute break in between shows, their swinging garage rock seemingly purpose made for these fictional scenarios.
Whilst the lack 6 figure cums from large corporations might be a cause for sorrow for the band themselves, for the rest of us the news that the trio have finally come back with some new material is cause enough for celebration. Their new, seemingly self titled, EP is a tighter take on the garage rock riffs they started out with, honed to near heart-swelling perfection. What once might have been a brilliant, ramshackle collection of tracks has been turned into a distorted, hazy journey, thundering along with a new found, almost rockabilly edge. Whilst not quite a full of revolution, this is one of the most unexpected and ingenious fraction of reinvention that will be heard this year. Just don’t count on hearing it in the background of a McDonalds ad” (

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