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Detective Agency: Now! (Discos de Kirlian, 2015)

DK28 NOW! cover art

“Seattle indie pop band Detective Agency releases debut full length album due out on Spanish label Discos de Kirlian.
The album, it will combine six new songs with the band’s excellent debut EP “Detectius Privats” and a couple other older compositions into a 13-track full length CD, marking the first time Detective Agency has put out an actual physical release since the beginning of the band about five years ago.
Like Detectius Privats, the band recorded the new songs at BLDGs studio in Seattle with Aaron Schroeder but employed new instruments this time around, like harmonica, strings, and piano.

The atmosphere is moodier,” Nate says. “And the mysteries are denser. It’s our darker, more experimental sophomore album, which will have critics confused, confounded and completely hypnotized.”
Anyone out there remember the Lucksmiths song Detective Agency from their album the Green Bicycle Case? New Seattle band Detective Agency don’t sound anything like that Australian band, but that was the kind of my logic going on in my head when I clicked on a link to listen to them a few months ago. Better points of reference would be Tiger Trap, Ramones, Tuscadero and perhaps the Shop Assistants.

Up until last week they had a few songs floating around the internet. I remember a week back in November of last year when I listened to Daggers about 20 times in a row. It was just a demo. They’ve re-recorded it and made it better. I think I may have listened to the new version 21 times in row” (The Finest Kiss)

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