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You only like me when i´m sad – ILLUMINATI HOTTIES: Kiss Yr Frenemies (Tiny Engines, 2018)

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Álbum de debut de esta cantautora-productora-ingeniera que ha facturado un disco de presentación un tanto irregular pero que en los cortes que más nos han atraído es capaz de concentrar un alto nivel de interés, con un sonido Indie muy caracterizable, con la innegable influencia neo-surf angelina y una pequeña dosis de riesgo que es precisamente lo que menos nos atrae de este Kiss Yr Frenemies

“When it comes to volume, Sarah Tudzin likes to keep listeners on their toes. Kiss Yr Frenemies, her debut album as Illuminati Hotties, playfully leaps between a variety of decibel-dictated sonic moods from the indie-pop canon. Hushed acoustic reveries give way to knife-sharp stabs of guitar; contemplative, finger-picked tranquility crescendos to giant slabs of post-rock feedback and trumpet fanfare. “You only like me when I’m sad,” she sweetly sings during a quiet interlude on “Pressed 2 Death,” an otherwise boisterous rambler that’s dotted with kiss-offs and opens with a fart noise.
Tudzin—who is technically Illuminati Hotties’ sole permanent member, although she records with a full band—is a veteran studio rat, and it shows in the album’s dynamic sounds. In addition to working as a production and engineering assistant to big-time indie producer Chris Coady (Beach House, TV on the Radio), she’s logged studio time with acts ranging from Porches to Macklemore and worked on the sound design for the original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton. Her expertise gives her own tracks a funhouse-like quality, with an eruption of noise, six-stringed squeal, or purposely lo-fi effect around every corner. Even without knowing that additional vocals on the album are credited to “Everyone at Jesse’s Party,” you get the sense that she had fun making this record.
Tudzin describes the sound of Illuminati Hotties as “tenderpunk,” and that feels right. Every emotional abrasion and pang of longing on Kiss Yr Frenemies is conveyed with just the right mix of sadness and acerbity” (Pitchfork)

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