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The Jellyfish Brothers: Bloom (Bufu Records, 2012)

Bloom cover art

The Jellyfish Brothers son, efectivamente, un combo formado por dos hermanos y una bella bajista. Su sonido emerge de ciertas profundidades sonoras quizás no demasiado políticamente correctas y de un sonido a medias entre el LoFi y el Fuzz-Garaje más descarnado. Este Bloom es un disco conceptual formado por ocho cortes que se dejan oír con bastante facilidad y que recuperamos en TJB cierto tiempo después de su publicación.

Formed in the Summer of 2011 by brothers Eddy and Greg Alvarez, The Jellyfish Brother’s sound hit the hot streets of Miami with a deadly surf and doom combination. In their first year, The Jellyfish Brothers managed to engrave their deadly sting in the local music community by playing a variety of shows including the highly anticipated Summer of Weirds and Death to the Sun festivals. 
In 2012 The Jellyfish Brothers sought out new heights by enlisting bass player and friend, Janette Valentine from local doom metal band Shroud Eater. Shortly thereafter, the band fell in a writing frenzy and soon enlisted friend and international noise legend, Rat Bastard, to collaborate on recording their 1st studio effort, “Bloom”, an 8 track mish-mash of surfy riffs swimming with doomed out bottom-end in a fun underwater psyche jungle. 
In 2013, The Jellyfish Brothers have continued to play locally while experimenting with new territories and have been back in the recording studio. This time they’ve enlisted friend and “Torche” bassist, Jonathan Nunez to record what will be released as a 6 song EP. 
The Jellyfish Brothers have taken their concept from the bottom of the deep, blue sea to the depths of deep, dark space and time will tell where they land next!” (Press)

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