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Run Rabbit Run: Wasted in the sun (Pavement Records, Single, 2015)

“The new single is a rolling upbeat tune with an American alt-country flavour.Wasted in the Sun is cheerful and infectious, brimming with catchy hooks, and easy-to- digest melodies. The song is a crowd favourite at live shows; it’s energetic and fun, with rich three-part harmonies, bright and airy mandolin, and thumping double bass. The track was recorded at ScreamLouder Studios with Peter ‘Reggie’ Bowman, and mastered by renowned engineer, Don Bartley.
A music video is set for release alongside the new single and, like the last clip; this one is the creation of lead guitarist and co-frontman, Michael Roberts. The idea for this clip was to create something that complimented the singles light-hearted nature.

“I wanted this video to be less story-driven, and more visually appealing. I rear-projected landscape shots onto a white screen as a background to create an interesting effect against the foreground, like moving in fast-motion. We used smoke machines, branches, and coloured stage lights in certain parts for a psychedelic vibe.” Michael Roberts – Run Rabbit Run
Melbourne based Run Rabbit Run are a brew of country’s revelry, folk’s raw honesty, and the intensity of rock. Armed with an impressive assortment of instruments, and a knack for vast dynamic and stylistic diversity, the five- piece folk-rockers are undeniably attention grabbing as they leap effortlessly from banjo-laden country, to mood- altering and atmospheric rock” (Press)


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