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Top Surprise: Klouds (Ep, 2013)

Klouds EP cover art

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Está claro que la nueva ola brasileña está dando varios nombres que son de nuestro interés. Top Surprise son otra de esas bandas que pueden llamar tu atención a las primeras escuchas si te gusta la época de las College Radios, del LoFi y en general del Indie de los noventa.
Así de sencillo: todo se resume en Ready for the haze, uno de los tres cortes que conforman este breve Ep que el sello Pug Records editó a finales de este invierno. Toda una delicia que suena tanto a Lemonheads como a Sebadoh o Dinosaur Jr.
Creo que son buenas referencias…

Top Surprise is one of the most promising names to emerge from the new wave of Brazilian bands dedicated to home recordings and short, concise pop songs. Formed in the lazy college town of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, the four-piece first appeared in 2010 with the cassette Everything Must Go, attracting some critical attention and building a reputation at home with chaotic live performances. Klouds is the first set of new material since the debut — a tiny appetizer for their first full-length, to be out this year.
Clocking in at seven minutes, this odd EP is composed of three pieces. “K-Complex” is a perfect example of the succinct Brazilian style, with a solid backbeat and sweet verses about sleep and restless legs syndrome. Second song is “Ready for the Haze”, a push into the limits of so-called noise pop and/or a folk-punk miracle, with shouted off-key vocals and everything else bursting with unseemly amounts of lo-fi blizz. On the delicate closing “Klein Blues” (which rhymes “heart” with “fart”), guitarist Andre’s voice is naked, no distortion nor effects, revealing a soft Minas Gerais accent. The wordplay fumbles gracefully over the bass riff and primal 2-piece drumbeat, all sprinkled with Bruna’s feedbacks.
Klouds was recorded some time ago at home (not in a studio) in Juiz de Fora with the blessings of lo-fi hero and head of Transfusao Noise Records, Lê Almeida; some vocals and scrawls taped in Rio. Mastered for best noise results by Paulo Casaes. The band is Daniel Medeiros (bass), Bruna Provazi (guitar, vocals), Andre Medeiros (guitar, vocals) and new member Walner Del Ducca — who replaced Fred Mendes, the drummer on this EP. A limited handmade CD-R, with surprise bonus tracks (!),  is available for pre-order on Pug Records and Transfusao Noise” (Pug Records)

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