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Damon & Naomi: Fortune (20/20/20, 2015)

Los veteranos Damon Krukowski y Naomi Yang volvieron este año poniendo música a una película dirigida por la propia Naomi. El resultado: ese intimismo Pop que el dúo ha tomado en los últimos tiempos y que les lleva por la senda de ese Pop electroacústico tan particular.

Naomi Yang and Damon Krukowski have been performing together for the better part of 30 years, yet in that time music has never been the sole focus of their creative energies. Damon is a poet and writer (and an occasional Pitchfork contributor) while Naomi is a photographer and graphic designer whose visual design skills have always been an integral part of the duo’s work, dating back to her album designs for their beloved groupGalaxie 500. In addition to operating the 20/20/20 record label and Exact Change small press, in recent years Naomi has branched out into directing stylish and evocative music videos for such artists as Marissa Nadler, Julia Holter, and Elisa Ambrogio.
So it seems like a very organic progression that Naomi has now directed Fortune, her first short film. Though the film itself is silent, it arrives paired with a full-length soundtrack of new songs by Damon & Naomi, which can give it the essential feel of a 30-minute music video. The film and its music, naturally enough, work best in combination and enjoying them together (currently available for free) is an experience well worth the half-hour devotion of your time and attention. As is often the case the film itself feels incomplete without its musical accompaniment, whereas the soundtrack does function as a short but coherent and satisfying stand-alone collection of songs” (Press)


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