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Jovontaes: Roll the dice (Gnar Tapes, 2013)

Roll The Dice cover art

A medio camino entre el Surf Pop y el twang de los años sesenta, en algún punto intermedio podríamos localizar a estos bizarros de Portland. Lofi instrumental para esta segunda cassette editada por Gnar Tapes.

Mysterious and prolific psychedelic skate burner unit from the minty hot streets of Lexington, KY return with their 2nd cassette for Gnar Tapes, and first with Burger Records. Easily one of their most breezy but hardest hitting releases in their wide and varied catalog. Made by skater stoner weirdos for skater stoner weirdos. This tape is like the feeling right before the mushrooms come on, as you stand on a dusty cliff overlooking an eternal sunset over a flat and wide cityscape. Spend your Summer cruising with your eyes half closed in that eternal sunset, your shirt flapping in the wind, as the trippy cool sounds of Jovontaes whip you clean. Enter the desert of the mind, roll the dice, and seek the oasis.  (Tracks: Burto Fernl, Cold Coffee, Know The Now, Cyclone A Late Bottle Blues, Help Moon, Don’t Die (or die))” (Press)

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