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Psudonym: Revolving door (Grasshoper Records, 2015)

“The boys met, quite by accident, one sunny spring day some years back. Perfect strangers before that fateful morning (or so the story goes), Paul, Cliff, Gil, and Waylan all found themselves sitting “patiently” together in a doctor’s waiting room. At first they carefully avoided eye contact pretending to read the years-old “Sports Illustrateds” and “Peoples”, but the ice was shattered when the doc — who would turn out to be our very own Dr. Rhythm — burst into the room and announced that all the day’s appointments would be cancelled. “I’m quitting medicine to become a drummer!” he declared.
Well, the lads got to talking, and wouldn’t you know. Turned out Paul, a budding songwriter, had been looking for a guitar player while at the same time Waylan, guitarist extraordinaire, was looking for a keyboard player. Gil, a classically-trained pianist, was seeking a bass player. And Cliff (who had never actually touched a bass before) was happy just to be in the room. The realization struck: they could start a band!
They dubbed themselves “Pabz” (later to be changed to “Pseudonym” on the heels of an ugly lawsuit from the Pabst Brewing Company). From there it didn’t take long for things to click! They got a lucky break at the Illinois State Fair when headliners Hoosier Hattie and the Snow Cones pulled out at the last minute, realizing they’d accidentally showed up one state to the left. Our boys wowed the crowd with their unique blend of post-pop power-wave!
Soon after, the single “You’re No Fun At All” from their debut album “Pabz” reached #62 in Croatia. And that was just the beginning! The follow up album “Pig Tail World” (under the now-familiar moniker of Pseudonym) sold multiple copies and saw heavy airplay in both Greece and Vermont. The featured single “Accident Prone” and its groundbreaking video managed to break the collective hearts of YouTube viewers around the world.
Building on the momentum of “Pig Tail World”, the band quickly put out an EP of outtakes and factory seconds called “Stupid Star”. And that, dear listener, brings us to the present date: the record you now hold in your (virtual) hands, Pseudonym’s 4th release, is proof that the boys haven’t missed a beat!
“Revolving Door” awaits. Prepare to enter a weird and wonderful world full of tasty sub-beats, delicious counter-harmonies, and of course a generous helping of yummy pop hooks.
Prepare to be Pseudofied!” (Press)

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