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Obsesions – THE ORWELLS: Terrible Human Beings (Canvasback Music, 2017)

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Han ascendido de categoría, ahora tienen distribución multinacional, se codean y giran con gentes como Weezer, a quienes admiran y andan obsesionados (no podría ser de otra forma) con los Pixies.
THE ORWELLS son una banda ante todo divertida, de esas que saben extraer el lado más hedonista del Rock’n’Roll a base de composiciones pródigas en guitarras y en aristas. Terrible Human Beings es su último lanzamiento. Un disco algo más pulido pero en el que los de Illinois vuelven a sacar a relucir sus mejores galas rockeras. Muy recomendable y disfrutable.

“(…) It was around that same time that work on Terrible Human Beings began, with Cuomo, Corso and O’Keefe conceiving the initial ideas. “We wrote these songs in a much more confined way than what we had done with the last records, where it was all five of us in a room,” says O’Keefe. “This time, it would start out with me and Dom with acoustic guitars and Mario on vocals. We’d build the skeletons of the songs, and didn’t take them too far from what we started when we added Grant and Henry.”
Recorded over the course of a month at Chicago’s Electrical Audio, Terrible Human Beings was produced by Jim Abiss, with whom The Orwells had worked on a couple of Disgraceland’s best tunes. “Jim would often times come up with a little something out of leftfield that just made the whole song,” says Corso. “And I don’t think the songs would be as full of energy and grit if it wasn’t for him.” Crafty touches like the backing vocals Corso and O’Keefe contribute throughout the album, or the kraut-rock freak-out at the end of “Double Feature,” augment songs that are otherwise deceptively simple. “The Pixies were an obsession when we were writing this album,” says O’Keefe, talking about the song “Black Francis,” but also Terrible Human Beings, in general. “I think that’s where a lot of trying to make the songs and the guitar parts very simple was coming from, because the Pixies are kings of that. We’ve always been a simple band, but this time it was about trying to keep everything straightforward, nothing flashy” (Official Press)

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