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Kuzin: Dumb bitch (Kill Canyon Records, Single, 2014)

“Kuzin (pronounced “cousin”) is the solo moniker of Jessica Maros, a Los Angeles-based by way of Nashville artist and one half of the critically acclaimed duo Escondido. Her solo debut CAVITY, produced by Bill Reynolds, a Grammy-nominated producer and member of Band of Horses – ranges from stripped-down acoustic confessionals and fuzzy, full-band freak-outs.
Looking to capture something personal and immediate, the two worked fast, swapping instruments in Reynolds’ Nashville studio and tracking a number of the songs in a single take.

“I didn’t want to create something perfect.. just something real” Jessica says. “My songs are always morphing and changing, so there comes a time to just press record and see what sort of expression you get.”
In a recent feature, blog Lockeland Springsteen described the debut as “fresh, crunchy guitars matched with vocals that are equally informed by Liz Phair, the Breeders and Stevie Nicks but all her own, slicing through brilliant pop-punk melodies with the deliciously bi-polar vibe of synthy beats and acoustic strums.” (Press)


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