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Dreaming Candies – SEAPONY: Be here again (Hardly Art, 2017)

La imagen puede contener: una persona, árbol, cielo, exterior y naturaleza

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SEAPONY es otra de esas bandas que nos siguen encantando con el paso de los años. Debutaron en 2011 y siete años después, continúan ofreciéndonos auténticas delicias de Dream-Pop absolutamente arrebatadoras. El disco por el que The Pains of Being Pure at Heart soñaría por seguir facturando. El formato: el Ep, el idóneo para dar rienda suelta a seis temas sin ningún desperdicio que podrían pugnar perfectamente por ser singles ideales para la banda sonora diaria de nuestros días más plúmbeos. Seguro que SEAPONY te revitalizarían.

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Seapony: A Vision (Hardly Art, 2015)

Dream Capsules

Seapony, esos artesanos de las melodías, que nos han ido dejando sus gotas de sutilidad desde el año 2010, volvieron a dejarnos este año pasado con otro de esos álbumes preñado de gemas delicadas, manufacturadas con cariño y absolutamente arrebatadoras. Como dije en otro momento, Seapony crean “proyectos de ensueños encapsulados en dulces melodías y voces susurrantes”.

“After releasing two fine indie pop albums full of bouncy jangle and sugary sweetness, Seattle’sSeapony went through some changes on their third album, 2015’s A Vision. They left their label (Hardly Art), added a drummer (Aaron Voros), and did some recording in a real studio (Jack Endino‘s Soundhouse). With alterations come fears that the group’s sound may have taken a turn for the worse somehow, but a quick spin of the first track proves that didn’t happen here. The guitars still jangle and chime gently, their very classic indie pop sound remains light and polite, and vocalist Jen Weidl still sings with a warm and straightforward tenderness that’s easy to embrace. The group didn’t try to slick up the arrangements or get a super-glossy pro sound here. If anything, they take a step back from the more arranged and noisy approach of 2012’s Falling in favor of something more relaxed and low-key. Most of the songs are anchored firmly in the midtempo range, with acoustic guitar underpinnings and a general feel of lazy summer days and melancholy nights. The guitars, vocals, and drums never break a sweat, mixing together like a sparkling cocktail that goes down very smoothly. Even when they add a bit of guitar fuzz to the mix, like on the peppy “Saw the Light” or the lightly droning “In Heaven,” it doesn’t break the seal on the mood. A Vision is the kind of record that works as background music to a cuddle session, or as a friendly shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling blue. It’s not going to win any awards for being groundbreaking, or knock anyone’s socks off, but that’s OK. Sometimes it’s enough for an album to be a pleasant diversion, and Seapony have delivered exactly that” (All Music)

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Seapony: Saw the light (Hardly Art, Single, 2015)

Seapony son uno de esos proyectos de ensueños encapsulados en dulces melodías y voces susurrantes. Anuncian disco para finales de este mes.


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Seapony: Go with me (2011)

Tras la fenomenal eclosión que obtuvieron con su Ep de debut (TJB, Septiembre 2010), parece ser que Seapony se han desinflado algo a la hora de registrar un disco grande. El problema, quizás venga del hecho de que Seapony han editado un disco dejándose llevar por los clichés del género. El Twee-Pop que destila Go with me (2011) suena a género demasiado hecho, a demasiado reiterativo. Personalmente incluso me da la sensación de que el disco no es más que el Ep ampliado, y en esa ampliación los temas añadidos no han dado la talla. Los sonidos de guitarra son demasiado reiterativos, los ritmos de batería idem de idem… Los mejores temas, sin duda, los que ya conocíamos: Dreaming, Go away, Where we go, With you, más algunos de los añadidos como Always o Blue star. Pero que nadie espere el último disco de Belle and Sebastian. Que se conforme con su debut.

Seapony – Go with me (2011)

“Simplicity is arguably one of the most important virtues of indie pop, and one that Seattle’s Seapony take to heart on Go With Me: 12 songs in 34 minutes, all written in major keys. Pillowy guitars (courtesy of Danny Rowland), humble basslines (Ian Brewer), and airy vocals (Jen Weidl) all float calmly over uncomplicated drum machine beats. Light touches of fuzz and reverb give it an overcast feeling, making this summer record sound weirdly autumnal. Go With Me is filled with childlike melancholy and wonderment, like a lot of twee records. But ultimately, it leaves you to wonder what Seapony are actually contributing to the vast expanse of bands clutching Tiger Trap 45s and portable button makers.
The album starts on the right foot with “Dreaming”, a jaunty, infectious tune with a spiky guitar line and a simple-yet-irresistible vocal melody from Weidl. “Into the Sea”‘s easygoing surf-rock is punctuated by handclaps and a nimble-fingered arpeggio. “I Never Would” goes a long way with its permeating sense of wistful nostalgia. If Go With Me were an EP with just those three songs, it would possess a great deal more replay value.
Go With Me makes for wonderful background music, but paying closer attention reveals its inherent flaws. The sameness of the songs causes them to bleed into each other, never deviating from the same verse-chorus-verse template. This wouldn’t particularly be a problem if the album weren’t so safe, if its pleasant happiness or pleasant sadness were disrupted by a more excitable sense of emotion. Weidl delivers the lyrics with the same wispy soprano on every song.
It doesn’t help that those words aren’t very interesting. Injecting simplicity into pop songwriting isn’t always a clichéd effort– take Girls’ “Laura”, for instance– but banalities like “Blue Star”‘s opening couplet, “You sat by me/ You sat down by the sea,” sully an otherwise decent song, and the chorus of “So Low” (“I miss you every day/ I wish you’d stay”) makes Rebecca Black look like Dan Bejar.
The best indie pop always finds a way to marry a sense of individuality to its jangle and bounce– the violent noise underscoring Black Tambourine’s output, or the literary flair and sometimes-subversive humor that marks Belle and Sebastian’s. Think about the heart-wrenching, lacerating sadness of the Softies, or even the confrontational cuteness of Tullycraft. Unfortunately, the vanilla innocuousness of Seapony loses them in the shuffle. This is not to say they have delivered an utterly charmless album. If your anorak pockets are stuffed with indie pop show flyers, or you are a daily reader of Skatterbrain, Go With Me has a place in your record collection. But until they can really stand out from the crowd, Seapony just come across as garden-variety twee” (

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Seapony: Seapony (Ep, 2010)


Seapony es uno de esos soplos de aire fresco que tanto gustan en The JangleBox. Una delicia de Twee-Pop-Surf hecho con pocos medios pero con la mejor de las intenciones y con una delicadeza fuera de lo común. No en vano, Seapony es la unión de Jen y Danny de Transmittens con Ian Brewer (otro enamorado de la melodía). Cuatro gemas de puro Pop de caramelo que recuerdan a bandas como Heavenly, Lush, Vivian Girls o Best Coast. Además, el grupo ha decidido compartir con todo el Universo Pop sus primeros cuatro temas alojándolos en su Bandcamp para que todo el mundo pueda deleitarse. En The JangleBox lo hemos hecho reiteradamente, y os recomiendo a todos que lo hagáis: no os arrepentiréis. Dreaming, With you, I really do y Go away pasan desde ya a la lista de favoritos del blog.

Seapony: Seapony (Ep, 2010)

“The music of Seapony’s not exactly nautical — more The Pains of Being from Seattle — but the twee trio may leave your eyes a little wet. On the Seapony EP, they share coy female vocals, major-key lead guitar lines, “Be My Little Baby” two-and-one drumming and just enough reverb-soaked distortion. It’s hardly a shocker in this year of jangly dreamers, but each of Seapony’s four tracks is humbly essential. And also free! Download the whole thing below” (

“The music of Seapony’s not exactly nautical — more The Pains of Being from Seattle — but the twee trio may leave your eyes a little wet. On the Seapony EP, they share coy female vocals, major-key lead guitar lines, “Be My Little Baby” two-and-one drumming and just enough reverb-soaked distortion. It’s hardly a shocker in this year of jangly dreamers, but each of Seapony’s four tracks is humbly essential. And also free!” (

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