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Satsuma – MERMAIDENS: Perfect Body (Flying Nun, 2017)

“Mermaidens burst onto the scene with their widely acclaimed debut EP O in 2014 and went on to release their debut album Undergrowth in 2016. As a result, they were offered dozens of shows and international support slots, which led to them being picked up by Flying Nun Records.The Wellington trio offer a mesmerising dip into the realms of post-punk and psych, defined by intricate songwriting, boldly raw – yet increasingly refined – studio production, and a hypnotic live synergy that leaves audiences enchanted.
Perfect Body features many of the familiar characteristics of the Mermaidens’ sound, with twinkly, reverb-laden guitar lines, rich vocal harmonies and vibrant drums. They have expanded on these sounds, bringing in even more dynamic elements, building richer melodic layers and a wider range of guitar textures, as they explore different levels of dissonance. The record is already garnering rave reviews from around the globe. God is in the TV gave the record a staggering 9/10. “Perfect Body is a delicate filigree of an album… the New Zealand trio tackle themes of personal and artistic growth as well as the acceptance of maturity… It is, in fact, quite perfect” (Press Note)


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