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Wheels on Fire: Cherry Bomb (Ep, 2010)

Wheels on Fire es una banda de Ohio que toma su nombre, efectivamente, una adaptación de un tema de Bob Dylan popularizado por Julie Driscoll y Brian Auger y que versionearon The Byrds. Wheels on Fire son además una bomba. Una bomba de relojería que se avecina sobre nuestras cabezas. El mejor revulsivo para la modorra de cualquier noche en algún club. Garaje-Pop de alta intensidad ejecutado a la manera Lo-Fi. Black Wave es el mejor ejemplo, una perfecta canción a medias entre playera y garajera que podrían haber firmado perfectamente Wavves. Broken Up es un tema de Power-Pop que nos recuerda a la mejor época de Elvis Costello, con un estribillo auténticamente Mod, y una respuesta salvaje de guitarra. La bomba está a punto de estallar… y la espoleta se abre con Cherry bomb, el tema que da título al Ep, otro ejemplo de Lo-Fi playero y de alto quilataje emocional. El Ep se cierra de una forma más calmada, con un tema acústico, Go give yer love away, aunque de ascendencia rockera. Un Ep que satisfará los oídos más acostumbrados al Garaje y el Power-Pop. En The JangleBox cualquiera de esas propuestas es siempre bienvenida, como ésta que el propio grupo quiso compartir con todos vosotros. Desde aquí lo agradecemos. Os dejo con el enlace de Black Wave. Podéis encontrar el disco en su sello, Kind Turkey, por un precio de risa. Os lo aconsejo.

Wheels on Fire – Black Wave (Single, de Cherry Bomb, Ep, 2010)

“Once the needle hit the grooves of this brand new 7-inch from Athens, Ohio group Wheels On Fire, I was immediately hooked. These dudes play this really innocent sounding – what I would call – sincere garage pop rock – that can only be made by stoner guys on a hot summer day after listening to their dad’s Elvis Costello records.
The guitar, along with all the other instrumentation, is stripped down and has touches of surf and that twanginess from early Strokes songs and the vocals sound wonderfully strained like a lovelorn young man in a rock band should sound.
The songs really move along quite nicely (none go over the 3:30 mark) and there’s an omni-present vintage rock touch throughout the ep, especially in the lead guitar work on “Broken Up.” The opening track, “Black Wave,” is a chill rocker that would fit right in to a beach party’s sound track. The title-track is a pretty awesome mini-epic about loving a girl and the last track, “Go Give Yer Love Away,” features lots of hand clapping, which always sounds cool when done right and in this case, it is.
But, back to the sincere part I mentioned, that’s because this handful of tunes (4 in total) are dramatically simple in structure, but so good to listen to and almost genius. The only ‘flourishes’ here are the very minimal keyboard parts and the punkish Beach Boys-esque harmonizing. This extended play is as lo-fi as it can get, the insert even said that all tracks were recorded in a basement and I feel that more albums should be made this way.
Overall this is a happy, sometimes somber record, which is nothing new stylistically, but is different and refreshing enough to recommend to friends that are always looking to hear some new music and its just too enjoyable to ignore.
This world is too full of over-produced recordings and it’s good to know that there’ll always be groups like Wheels On Fire that will crank out lo-fi pop rock gems such as this one” (

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