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Peaks – THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL: Laura Palmer (Shelflife, 2017)

With the release of their first single and debut album on Shelflife in 2014, The Luxembourg Signal quickly found a loyal following among fans of dream pop/indie pop music, and received enthusiastic reviews for their pop sensibilities, angelic vocals and lush soundscapes. Since the debut release, the band’s lineup of Beth Arzy & Betsy Moyer (vocals), Johnny Joyner (guitars), Brian Espinosa (drums) and Ginny Pitchford (keyboards) has been expanded with the addition of Kelly Davis (guitars) and Daniel Kumiega (bass) ” (Press)


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The Luxembourg Signal / Soft Science: Split 7″ (Test Pattern Records, 2015)

Dos bandas del catálogo Test Pattern Records: The Luxembour Signal y Soft Science aúnan sus esfuerzos para ofrecernos este maravilloso sencillo compartido en el que podemos disfrutar a medias de la visión Dream de la Psicodelia y del Pop más elegante.

“Two of the dreamiest dream pop bands around have joined forces to produce this wistful split 7”! The Luxembourg Signal (ex-Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars) brings a stirring remix by Robert Hampson (LOOP/MAIN) of the stand out track Dying Star from their fantastic 2014 self-titled album on Shelflife Records. Soft Science (ex-Holiday Flyer, California Oranges) contributes their first new track since the release of their sophomore album, Detour, titled Breaking and it’s filled with vibrant pop hooks from end to end. It’s also their first release with new member Tony Cale (English Singles) on drums!” (Press)

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