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Fuzzy Ponies – MINIHORSE: More time (Ep, 2016)

Minihorse - More Time - FYea

Retazos de Fuzz-Pop, retazos de Power-Pop y la huella de gentes como Alex Chilton. El resultado es el Ep de debut de Mini Horse, adelanto del que será su debut, que se publicará la próxima semana.

“Minihorse’s genetic inheritance is a recombination of bedroom transistor wizards like Bob Pollard, cruising guitar rock into the outer valences of space in a shit-can convertible, and the brandied humor of Evan Dando and Alex Chilton, approaching the void with a pack of cigarettes.
Cooing sarcasm over a wallop of scuzzy power pop, Collins pokes at misfit notions of belonging or purpose with a Jason Lytle sigh. “Hollywood painted it black/Wait. Paint it back,” he jokes before the dam breaks on “Drink You Dry.”
Collins and his fellow Ypsilanti yntroverts, bassist Christian Anderson and drummer John Fossum, are giddy with their musical contraptions. They scatter hooks like firecrackers on a blacktop throughout opener “Blueblack” and beat down doors with cool-headed kraut jam “Pinstripe Web” (Friendship Fever)


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