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El Rearme de los desmelenados – THREE DIMENSIONAL TANX: A Compulsion for Propulsion (Sunstone Records, 2019)

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En realidad lo que se publica en este 2019 es la reedición en vinilo de A Compulsion for Propulsion, el álbum de THREE DIMENSIONAL TANX de el año pasado. Un pildorazo de quince mini comprimidos del mejor Pop bañado de Fuzz, Garaje, Emo, Punk… Todo ello convenientemente batido da como resultado un disco absolutamente demoledor, marcado por una sección rítmica que no da tregua y por unos estribillos arrebatadores.
Conveniente para cualquier fiesta garajera que se precie.

“a pure blast from start to finish…the songs rattle through your brain at a great speed” Fuzzy Sun June 2018

“it’s a white knuckle ride all the way and a total blast, bristling with infectious stabs of pop-inflected modern Garage Rock.” Thee Psychedelicatessen June 2018

“The speeding motorik of ‘His Latest Apparatus’ would get them pulled off the autobahn…Buzzcocks, Swell Maps and especially Wire are reference points” Shindig! Magazine, Issue 81 July 2018

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Three Dimensional Tanx: El ataque de los desmelenados – Attack (Sunstone Records, 2016)

Three Dimensional Tanx son una agrupación del norte de Ingleterra, concretamente de Lancaster. Ellos se autodefinen como “Psychedelic-Garage-Punk-Rock”. Pues ahí está la quintaesencia de lo que puedes encontrar en su sonido: cierta fiereza, guitarras desbocadas, teclados furibundos y una fuerza bruta que brota de su buena sección rítmica. Mezclan con habilidad los sonidos Garajeros con la Psicodelia y una actitud absolutamente rockera. En su segundo trabajo, este Attack, los Tanx prácticamente no conceden tregua, y su audición resulta igual de adictiva que anteriores trabajos.

“Three Dimentional Tanx have a sound that is the essence of garage psychedelia, a heady mixture of freak out and manic energy delivered via a kick ass rhythm section, lysergic wah wah guitars, krautrock synths/ 60s organ and a lead singer who may very well have lost his mind. If you need comparisons, try early Who or Sonics dropping cheap speedy acid with the Television Personalities. No, on second thought, that doesn’t even come close. These guys are great.” (The Active Listener)


 Sep 03
The Golden Eagle
Chester, UK
Sep 10
The Eagle Inn
Salford, UK
Oct 08
Sebright Arms
London, UK
Oct 14
The Golden Lion
Lancaster, UK
Oct 15
Dalton Rooms
Lancaster, UK
Dec 17
The Golden Lion
Lancaster, UK

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Three Dimensional Tanx: Three Dimensional Tanx (Sunstone Records, 2014)

three dimensional tanx cover art

El combo de Lancaster Three Dimensional Tanx se ha especializado en sacar a relucir sus mejores galas psicodélicas: teclados, guitarras y ambiente en general un tanto Retro. Un trabajo enérgico y lleno de chispa. Un auténtico faro para quienes busquen ese regreso lisérgico a la última mitad de los sesenta.

“As I entered the black basement club, the propellant rhythm of Three Dimensional Tanx hit me full in the face with driving beats and hummus-thick bass lines, all overlaid with a garnish of spitting fizzing guitar and swirling late-sixties keyboard.
Hats off to the drummer too, coated in thick sweat and wearing only what appeared to be small running shorts, beating the living shit out of a wonderfully minimalistic Gretsch kit (snare, floor tom, bass drum, hi-hat, two cymbals) and making it sound like he was playing on something that Carl Palmer would have set up on stage in the mid-seventies. This was a great performance by a band previously unknown to me and I’ll be giving them a good listen in future. Manic organ breaks, chugging twin guitars and a fluid rhythm section that was all power and no flower, plus a floppy crazy-puppet vocalist who really threw himself into the spirit of things, all came together for a short combustive set of cracking garage-psych that was high on thrills and never ever relaxed the throttle once.”
Adam Stone, The Sleeping Shamen, June 2014

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Three Dimensional Tanx: Three dimensional tanx (2011)

La música de Three Dimensional Tanx es algo así como una bofetada de Punk-Rock dada con instrumentaciones que tienen tanto del Garaje como del Space-Rock o de la Psicodelia. Una hábil (y algo bizarra) mezcla de los Stooges con Spacemen 3, de la Velvet Underground con Spiritualized. ¡Y sólamente hablamos de una colección de maquetas! Es decir, estamos ante un grupo “maquetero” como dice nuestro amigo J.R. Un producto de lujo en un formato económico, sencillo pero a la vez lleno de matices, arreglos y sutilezas por descubrir. Os aconsejo que lo hagáis. Tenéis a vuestra disposición el disco en su Bandcamp.

Three Dimensional Tanx – Three dimensional tanx (2011)

“Lancaster UK’s three dimensional tanx cross more than the x, y and z axes on their self released sampling. A dizzying blast of genre-bending psych that could probably get by on exuberance alone if they didn’t have the chops to back it up. Fortunately, they do. In spades. Smelting space and psych rock with sneering and snotty post punk and garage fueled sensibilities, 3d tanx hammer out a platter that could find a home in whatever era their self-made worm hole spits them out into. There’s a thin line between smart-ass and whip-smart, and 3d tanx definitley err on the side of the latter, making tdt not only an intergalactic frayed nut-buster, but one with the stones to back up the unhinged mix of ingredients. Kicking off with Psychedelic Sun, 3d tanx raise the bar high. A smoking hard-charger that would leave most with no place to go, Psychedelic Sun doesn’t completely reveal their hand; it just breaks free of gravity and lights the way so they can get down to business. What follows is a ferocious high-voltage warped experimentation (and interpretation) blur of The Stooges, Spiritualized/Spacemen 3, Hawkwind, The Velvets, and whatever else suits their fancy…and yours. Rather than come out with a muddy impenetrable drab wash, 3d tanx use all the crayons in the box to make their own chrome-plated day-glo color. Obviously not ones to color within the lines, 3d tanx don’t genre-hop or make fleeting references for the sake of doing so. If they did, tdt would be engaging, but impenetrable as a wall. There’s plenty of dynamics from the scorching opener to the hazy languid Way Up to the Sun; the buoyant 60s tinged Baby Universe to the brash, punkish and punishing Six Dead. Real 3D in every way with that ‘x’ rating deserved and hard earned” (

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