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Alligator Indian: The spring I´m in (2012)

Spring I'm In cover art

Con la llegada de la primavera, las hormonas musicales de Alligator Indian se han reactivado y retoman la actividad donde lo dejaron hará unos ocho meses. Aunque ahora se han vuelto algo más viscerales e incluso coquetean con la experimentación sonora más que en su Ep predecesor, Football (2011). La música de Alligator Indian oscila y se balancea, como decimos entre un Pop más o menos barroco (I gave myself a science lectureGamesss); un Pop digamos que más experimental (Dark fruit, +Vibes, Ice & asteroids, A clean clown); o directamente inclasificable (Gnarwhal). Lo que es cierto desde luego es que han decidido tomar un camino algo divergente al de Football, orientándose hacia un tipo de música algo menos asequible, aunque por momentos retomen ecos de aquél (Our love was a crime, Ectocooler). Desde luego, como banda, son realmente difíciles de encasillar o de clasificar. Lo bueno de su música es que es absolutamente rompedora y para nada comprometida con ningún tipo de etiqueta. La decisión final está en tus oídos.
Para comprobar cómo suenan, sólo tienes que visitar su Bandcamp o el de su discográfica, Bleeding Gold Records y poner el precio que consideres oportuno.

Alligator Indian – The spring I´m in (2012)

“This isn’t exactly your standard tribal-infused, synth-soaring ordeal. First of all, it’s better than that. I believe that people too often forget that sheer high-quality can be a way to stake out originality. As in, just sounding good — polished, self-assured, harmonious — can set an album apart from the overcrowded brood out of which it levitates, aglow. Such is the principle that marks Alligator Indian’s most immediate draw. Spring I’m In demands no test of patience to listen to from front to end, unlike some of even today’s best band’s efforts. If you’re reading this website, you’ve most likely discovered for yourself that there exists a sweet-spot between music that plucks your frontal lobe and music that taps into pure aural pleasure — or, in other words, music that combines musicianship with ideas. Aligator Indian happily mines that middle ground, and, doing justice to their label’s cause, they strike at least a little aesthetic gold” (

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Alligator Indian: Football (2011)


Alligator Indian es una banda atípica y difícil de clasificar en tanto que no tienen un patrón musical definido, y su música es un tanto inclasificable. Tan pronto le dan al Synth-Pop (Glu), como al Pop más hortera (Yesterday´s parties), al Punk-Pop (The new E), al Indie-Pop de raíces más noventeras (Telepathic boys), que al Pop más edulcorado de tintes spectorianos (Honey eye bee leave ewe). Puedes encontrar este Football, su último trabajo, un auténtico crisol de estilos (en su defecto diré que está compuesto en diversos momentos creativos de la banda en un intervalo de tres años) en su Bandcamp, poniendo tú mismo el precio a la música que desees descargar.

Alligator Indian – Football (2011)

“An exciting, new surreal pop band w/ colorful splashes of punk, psychedelia, new wave, Spector-era girl groups, tribal sounds, and maybe even a little bit of neon-coated soul thrown in for good measure….or maybe not. Just kidding.
Residing in a quaint but vibrant mountain town along the Appalachian Trail, Alligator Indian’s music, or as it’s small but rabid fanbase is wont to call it, “booty tunes”, does/do not conform to what most would consider the norm for the local scene. Their influences do not come from mouth harps or washboards (though they have been known to indulge from time to time); they are not what you would call “earthy,” or even “earthly.” Rather, theirs is a sound culled from the grit of late-70s Bleeker St., painted with the acid-dappled brush of a German expressionist. This should come as no surprise since their roots lie in the bedbug-infested Brooklyn streets…more or less. But they and their home have come to love and embrace each other, and together they have truly created the opiate of the masses. Or at the very least, the tetrahydrocannabinol of the masses.
Thusly, Alligator Indian and Bleeding Gold are happy to share with you: FOOTBALL, a six-song extended play vinyl record & digital mp3 collection. Featuring the sure-to-be smash single (if it were being released as a single), “Honey Eye Bee Leave Ewe.” Drink it up. It’s good for ya” (

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