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Pimples – CAR SEAT HEADREST: Twin fantasy (Matador, 2018)

Twin Fantasy

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Para la edición de su segundo trabajo, a Will Toledo se le ocurrió la idea de revisitar y regrabar un disco grabado en su portátil cuando tenía 19 años, en el que se abordaban por igual temas universales que afectan a cualquier post-adolescente. Bien dotado lírica y musicalmente, Will Toledo pergañó un disco que confirma el sonido, a medias LoFi y Neo-folkie, si bien renunciando a buena parte de la crudeza de su primer trabajo; ofreciendo un sonido más claro y directo. Los temas, que en su mayoría rehúyen del estereotipo del Pop más comercial, conforman un cancionero homogéneo y coherente. Buen trabajo de confirmación. 
Te gustará si te van Replacements, Pavement, Strokes, Nada Surf

“Sometimes an artist has to go through more than one draft to get the desired result. Sometimes time and opportunity allow someone to have a new perspective on an older work. Sometimes the thing that didn’t work the first time works better the second time. In a very real sense, all of these things do and don’t apply to the revised 2018 edition of Car Seat Headrest‘s album Twin Fantasy. CSH top kick Will Toledo initially wrote the songs for Twin Fantasy in his late teens, and he created a home-recorded version on his laptop that he released digitally in 2011. However, Toledo later declared that he never felt it was a completed work, and in 2016, with access to a professional recording studio and the help of a full band, he re-recorded the song cycle in a manner better suiting the ambitions of the project. In both versions, Twin Fantasy is a concept album about a teenage love affair between two boys that, not unlike CSH‘s 2016 breakthrough, Teens of Denial, offers a painfully accurate portrait of young-adult attraction that feels powerfully heartfelt without ignoring the terribly awkward perspective of his protagonists. Toledo has said that the songs drew from personal experience, and in both versions,Twin Fantasy hits an emotional bull’s-eye, making sense of the intensity of young love as well as the mingled joy and confusion of making your way through a complex web of feelings without a convenient guidebook. In Matador’s 2018 reissue of Twin Fantasy, both the 2011 original and the 2016 remake are included, and they’re more similar than one might expect despite the differences in production, arrangements, and intensity. The 2011 recording is, as one would expect, relatively lo-fi, with the layers of guitars often pushed into the red and muddying the sound, but despite the relatively sloppy technique, the performances’ passion and force are truly compelling. The 2016 remake is certainly more polished, though it’s not truly slick, and it feels like a more mature work, which manifests itself in different ways. The arrangements are tighter and better executed, the audio is strong enough to suit the music and its dynamics, and Toledo‘s performances are more measured but also more nuanced, as if he has a better understanding of this story from a distance of a few years. Either way, Twin Fantasy leaves no doubt that Toledo is a strikingly gifted and thoughtful songwriter, who also has a firm grasp of how to make his material work in the studio and isn’t afraid to think on a grand scale” (All Music)

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Asperezas – CAR SEAT HEADREST: Teens of denial (Matador, 2016)

Joven, hiperactivo y creador convulso, Will Toledo (CAR SEAT HEADREST) presenta su debut para Matador (una “grande” dentro de las Indies), con polémica y pleitos incluidos con Rick Okasek.
Tiene el aspecto de un Lou Barlow rejuvenecido, así como su facilidad para la melodía y el estribillo pegajoso. A veces nos recuerda al Beck seminal y en cualquier caso, su álbum se caracteriza por una aspereza sonora adornada del mejor Pop de guitarras.

“Teens of Denial is guitar-driven music filled with booksmart lyrics concerned largely with depression, which naturally means that Toledo has been championed in some circles as an “indie rock savior,” whatever that means. It comes at the same time as a widespread feeling that the idea of “indie rock” itself on the wane. These arguments are often folded into an increased irritation at what might be called “white male ennui,” the root cause of so much stylishly produced music over the last however many years. But depression is colorblind, and Toledo treats sadness not as a stopping point, but as transformative. (At any rate, he’s also multiracial.) There’s an honest reckoning with what his wallowing has led to, and rapturous exhortation when logic alone cannot solve a problem. “I’ve got a right to be depressed,” he yells on “Fill in the Blank,” moments after calling himself out as a little whiner. It’s an emotional conclusion that comes at the beginning of the album, a neat reminder that even after a moment of clarity, there’s always farther to go” (Pitchfork)

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