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Father Sculptor: Blackshirt (Single, 2013)

El nuevo sencillo de Father Sculptor se llama Blackshirt, y es un tema de Pop épico de esos de rasgarse las vestiduras. Sí, muy a lo Morrisey. Supongo que los chicos estarán hasta el último pelo de que les recuerden sus semejanzas-influencias.


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Father Sculptor: Faith and violence (Ep, 2013)

Faith & Violence EP cover art

El debut discográfico en algo parecido a un disco grande (es un Ep) de Father Sculptor se produce en estos días. Los escoceses acaban de publicar este Faith & Violence, un ejercicio reflexivo y estético que les lleva, indefectiblemente, a ser comparados, una vez más, con The Smiths. Evidentemente, ellos estarán más que hastiados de tales comparaciones, aunque bueno, su forma de entender las canciones, la música y desde luego el estilo más que personal de Thomas David, con ese característico acento scottish, hacen de Father Sculptor un grupo con entidad propia y con buenas canciones. Los juicios de valor los pones tú. Desde luego, y como he leído por algún lado, FS no son, al menos, un mero vehículo al servicio del ego infinito de un personaje absolutamente egocéntrico como Morrisey. FS lo toman donde precisamente ese ego inmenso del de Manchester dejó de ser interesante.
Bonitas canciones y buenas intenciones en una banda que a poco que te guste el Jangle-Pop con tintes épicos tiene todos los visos de encantarte.
Puedes encontrar su Ep en su Bandcamp en varios formatos, incluido vinilo, a precios de risa.


I don’t really know anything about The Smiths, other than that apparently Morrissey was a genius but now is a jerk. So the fact that most reviews of Father Sculptor’s gigs and releases focus on whether or not it is a problem that they sound exactly like the Smiths*, is largely lost on me. Instead the only real comparison that kept jumping to my mind is how much the funky xylophone in ‘Salut’ reminded me of the opening credits to My So Called Life, and how pleased I was with whoever snuck the Phil Collins drums into ‘Lowlands’.
These two songs, available on the band’s Soundcloud, hold Faith & Violence together. They are big, brash and dramatic – like a slightly deeper voiced Wild Beasts. What vocalist Thomas David offers is simple and sincere. ‘Lowlands’ is a lovelorn song for a city that used to be home. I know this because Thomas David sings things like “long forgotten memories / of this city / still inside me” and “wanting to return / just one more time”. He is not afraid to wear his emotions around the neck of his adorable Hawaiian shirt, nor does his voice hide in the intricate walls of sound that the band creates, it is at the front of every song, protruding from them like this shark coming out of a wall.
Maybe in the normal run of things I would find all this too sincere, lacking in self mockery, too self important. Maybe I should level all sorts of complaints at this band, taken from a list of the mean things people say about Morrissey. However, there is one important reason not to do this; Father Sculptor are not a personality vehicle for the lead singer. They are unit, building a unified, almost cultish, image of themselves. They do their own web design and artwork, courtesy of drummer Felix Bucklow, which is all very striking. The video that plays in the background of their website contains exactly right amount of Reznoresque pixelated strangeness. They are embracing the value of brash symbols. And it’s only in the last year that they have taken to using their real names rather than aliases taken from The Wire. All in all they seem to be a band that knows how to create a mystique, which one day could easily evolve into a hysteria” (Music Broke my Bones)

Facebook / Cómpralo-Purchase

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Father Sculptor: Lowlands (Single, 2013)

Father Sculptor formed in Glasgow in 2012.

‘Fuck the will-they-won’t-they Smiths reunion rumours… [Father Sculptor] mix subtle undertones of religious fervour with darker takes on Marr’s intricate, chiming webs of sound.’ (NME)

‘Shockingly traditional, and startlingly 1984’ (The Guardian)

Featured in the NME, The Guardian and Rolling Stone magazine, Father Sculptor will release their debut EP ‘Faith & Violence’ on IX Hispana Records on Monday 15th April 2013.


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Father Sculptor: Singles (2012)

Ember cover art

Como leí en una breve reseña de prensa que el NME les dedicaba a los escoceses Father Sculptor: ¿Quién necesita una jodida reunión de The Smiths cuando ya podemos disfrutar de una banda como Father Sculptor? Dos matizaciones. Una: los escoceses no son totalmente una fotocopia de los de Manchester. El tono de su vocalista y la forma de entonar sus canciones, su temática y sus rasgos épicos sí tienen algo en común; pero la musicalidad del grupo tiene poco que ver con el Jangle-Pop melodramático de las huestes de Morrisey.
Dos: evidentemente, la actitud (desinteresada y algo desenfadada) de FS dista mucho del distanciamiento endiosado de Morrisey y Marr. Father Sculptor han publicado su (hasta ahora) breve discografía, compuesta por un puñado de singles en su Bandcamp, desde donde puedes tener libre acceso a ella, además de poder descargártela en tu reproductor. Seguro que algún buen single encuentras.
Señalados como “Banda a seguir” en varias ocasiones por el periódico The Guardian, los escoceses a buen seguro tendrán algo que decir en el nuevo panorama musical británico, no demasiado renovado, pero desde luego inquieto.


“There are quite a few tracks online, and they reveal a band with all the elements in place to cause a considerable stir. It’s immediately clear fromAristide that languor is their energy, the lyrics (“In between the sheets in which you sleep”, “Could you just part those thighs?”) taking a Moz-ish delight in the sensuous everyday, toying with sex even as they recoil from it. The singer’s voice is as mannered as you’d expect, veering from a mid-range yodel to a wilting falsetto, and the guitarist is quite Marr-vellous, achieving a range of textures, even if his tendency to break into a solo should probably be curtailed, being overly muscular and macho in this fey, winsome context – their catalogue so far comprises Smiths-ish ballads, not Queen Is Dead-style attacks. Frances finds a dark patch of middle ground between the Cult and the Smiths with its goth-lite miserablism. It’s shockingly traditional, and startlingly 1984 – the 1984 that saw a drift back towards rock-band convention, not the New Order or Frankie Goes to Hollywood version of 1984 as a signpost towards a melancholic or bombastic electronic future.” (

Twitter / Bandcamp

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