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The Zebras: Siesta (Jigsaw Records, 2014)

PZL055: The Zebras - Siesta cover artEl Pop de siempre, revivido una vez más, un sentimiento más, paso a paso, sorbo a sorbo. Sonidos Jangle, melodías ensoñadoras y dulces. Caramelos para nuestros oídos…

“I can vividly remember the first time I heard the Zebras. It was 2003, I was in Melbourne Australia, and my pal Mark told me I just had to listen to this new band from Brisbane he’d discovered. It was love at first listen, and I waiting excitedly for their first album, which was released the following year on Mark’s Lost & Lonesome label. Fast forward a decade later, and Mark tells me that the band are looking for an American label to team up with, and could I be the one? Well, I was honored, of course, and now we have the band’s third full-length album, which is full of the same catchy, jangly pop songs that endeared them to me in the first place. Except now, they’ve embellished their sound with markedly better production and more lead/backing vocals from Edwina, giving us an elegant pop sound that sounds like it could’ve been on any of the best releases on Labrador or Shelflife Records” (Bandcamp)


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