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Mean Lady: Kid Friendly (Ep, 2010)

Mean Lady es un dúo de Delaware (Samuel Nobles y Katie Dill) que se dedican a facturar un Dream-Pop con trazos ensoñadores y melodías etéreas a lo Chillwave, esa nueva etiqueta algo descafeinada. Incluyen igualmente algunos samplers en su música. Algo así a lo que realizan Beach House, pero algo más enfrascados en el sonido de las nubes. Su Ep de presentación es este Kid Friendly (2010), que ofrecen gratuitamente en su Bandcamp, para que todo el mundo pueda disfrutarlo.

Mean Lady – Kid Friendly (Ep, 2010)

“I have been totally jamming out to the infectiously upbeat vibes of Newark, Delaware’s Mean Lady ever since stumbling upon one of their tracks previously posted by one of my favorite colleagues, the ever awesome Smoke Don’t Smoke. Despite the misleading name, Mean Lady is actually a duo consisting of Samuel Nobles and Katie Dill.  I included them on Turntable Kitchen’s Top EPs of 2010 list, and it doesn’t take very long to hear what it is I liked about them.   The jubilant and boisterous piano on opening track “Lonely” balances against Dill’s smokey, elegant vocals.  Give it a listen below, and then follow the link above to download the rest of the EP from their bandcamp page” (

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