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Saving Spires: We should be dead (Together) (Critical Heights, Single, 2014)

Fantasmagoría y Freak-Folk. Algo así suena este We should be dead (together), el sencillo que da nombre al último trabajo de los británicos Saving Spires.

“Savaging Spires pass through the songs like ghosts, drawn from the circle around since departed Midlands favorites Virgin Passages, make the most of whatever acoustic instruments might be at hand on these collected recordings. There is an exciting feeling inherent in the tracks that someone could walk into the room at any time and add percussion or piano or guitar or an additional octave in the soaring choruses. It is rare that songs of this depth and range can feel so loose – while also being delicate and swirling in intensity. You can feel the act of creation in every note or creak or cadence and it is intoxicating. The results are not overtly folk or psych or pop or rock yet they appeal to all of those senses at once. What they are is English, in the purest sense. Not London trying to be cool England, but the real England.” (Critical Heights)


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