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Fredrik Georg Eriksson: Two of a kind (Video-Single, 2016)

Una base rítmica potente, a base de percusiones sesenteras, algunos detallitos electrónicos y una melodía pegajosa: Two of a kind, el último sencillo del inquieto músico sueco Fredrik Georg Eriksson

“I wanted to get at some 60’s vibe with a lot of swing and percussion to it, that bouncy, cocktail:y carefree thing, but with a few more knives in it. A little less comfortable. King Louie wielding a gun. Less tux, more sweat. Strutty, fun music performed really well, using an idea that originally came from a much darker place, topped off with an insane saxophone. It’s sort of a homage to that era, that I believe happened in between the housewife 50’s and the late 60’s, when everybody just went completely hippie. I wasn’t there, but still. I feel like we managed” (Fredrik Georg Eriksson)


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