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Soul of Gaia: Two hearts (Single, 2013)

“Sometimes you have to get lost to find your way back!
Do you have the courage to change your course? The courage to stay true to yourself? These were questions that songwriter Sanna Hallgren asked herself after releasing her debut album She played the biggest stages in Stockholm with a 9 piece band but something was bothering her all the time. What was the true soul of her art? Had joy disappeared. Somewhere along the way Sanna found herself lost.
By her mother’s untuned piano she finally faced herself. There she found honesty, vulnerability and a new playfulness in her voice. Out of this Soul of Gaia was born!
All music previously available on streaming services is now gone. The only artifact the reassembles the past are a few records hidden in the attic. Collectables. Soon to be a memory of a long gone past.. This spring will be a storm of feelings, a way to find a new fire, a way to find a new strength.
The first single to be released from a reborn artist is ”Two Hearts”, a duett with producer and artist Dennis Tkačuk Lundkvist (also known as Adventure Of). It is also the first single from the coming EP RE:BIRTH.
”Two Hearts” is a salute to love and courage to peel of every layer until you’ve reached your inner power. It’s about meeting a person to whom you can’t lie to or play game to – it’s about meeting yourself” (Press)

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