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Chance Wiesner: Wandering ones (Single, 2013)

Con un sonido rayando lo fronterizo y el Folk de onda más Lee Hazlewood se presenta Chance Wiesner, un músico de Oregon que acaba de publicar su debut en solitario: Takin´a chance of love (Ten Dollar Recording Co.), del que se ha anticipado este sencillo titulado Wandering ones, que puedes escuchar en el link de abajo. Música intemporal y de espectro amplio.

Takin’ a Chance on Love is catchy, upbeat, and frequently quite funny, in addition to being soundly played and produced with a homegrown flavor that can’t be bought down at the corner market. The album is a collaboration between Wiesner and some key members of the TDRCO crew, recorded with label-mates and founders Ryan Michael Block and Mariya May helping with many aspects of the instrumentation, arrangements, and production. The bulk of Takin’ a Chance on Love was recorded live in the studio first with some overdubs later, giving it an open, spontaneous feel. Given the cross-pollination here with the prolific Block and May, any fan of TDRCO’s other output should immediately tune to the stylistic overlap in texture and feel, as the bedrock indebtedness to bygone-era psych, folk, acoustic minimalism, reggae, and vintage American lo-fi weirdness present in so much of the TDRCO back catalogue is scrawled all over Takin’ a Chance on Love. Still, what is central throughout is Wiesner’s easy-flow, arresting vocal presence and a host of simple yet effective arrangements, which come together right now over you into a fully realized and highly entertaining listen that highlights well Wiesner’s individualistic rhyme and reason. Takin’ a Chance on Love is essentially vintage 60’s psychedelia refracted through a 90’s lo-fi aesthetic lens, calling to mind acts such as earlier (but not noisier) Ween, Skip Spence, The Charm of the Highway Strip-era Magnetic Fields, the melodic side of Sebadoh, strains of British strange-wave folkies such as Nick Drake, and neo-neo-psychonauts like The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Devendra Banhart, among many others” (Ten Dollar Recording Co.)


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