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The Santos: Växter / Hold the line (Singles, 2016)

Loops y grooves de los 60 y 70 son los protagonistas en estos temas de The Santos, un dúo de suecos que flipan con el free-jazz, las improvisaciones y el rock progresivo.

“Erik and Daniel have always been into grooves from the 60’s and 70’s so this was like their own backyard. After many years of playing soul music they ended up in the academic world of psychology and law, but the fascination for pure grooves remained unchanged. The grooves on ”Vaexter” were totally improvised and followed by an interesting production procedure, including a lot of travelling in order to find the most suitable musicians. The production base was Erik’s kitchen studio, where all the exotic rythms of percussion and all the suggestive synthesizers were recorded. Sometimes they had to endure seasickness while traveling back to Gotland to locate a trombone player” (Press)

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