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Strange Hands: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (Asbin Records, 2014)

“Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, co-released with Ayo Silver! in July 2014 and also available on Burger Records in cassette format. Listening to the opening track of the Strange Hands’s second long awaited LP, you will be able to notice a turn from the songs you’ve heard in their debut album Dead Flowers. After almost two years after their first release, Strange Hands are coming back louder and maturer than before. Songs like Tombs of Walkyries or Realm of Dawn have a sense of epicness where i can clearly picture some kind of barbarian swarming through the enemy and beating them furiously against his shiny axe. A lot of powerful fuzzy melodies that could evoke bands like Fuzz or the latest Thee Oh Sees albums are to be heard on this (c.f the barbarian). Don’t get me wrong, it still sounds like SH and has their imprint deep-rooted into this album. It may also feel that the band has given more importance to the instrumental parts, as a result: 6 tracks longer and less “garage” structured. An epic and comfortable listen”

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