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Looking for Sunshine – THE BATS: The Deep Set (Flying Nun Records, 2017)

The Deep Set

Durante cuatro décadas ya, The Bats se han convertido además de referencia imprescindible de Flying Nun Records, en algo así como el tótem de ese Pop sencillo, efectivo divertido, pero a la vez con cierta dosis de compromiso y de nivel lírico. Y de hecho, han hecho de ello la impronta personal del sello.
Los doce cortes de The Deep Set son las historias corrientes de cada cual en cada día. Una banda sonora perfecta que nos viene acompañando allá desde 1982.

“The ageless Bats continue to defy the odds with their 2017 album, The Deep Set. They’ve been a band since 1982 with the same lineup and same basic sound, and each record they release is as good as the last. Here on The Deep Set, their jangling guitars, springy bass, and simply powerful drums remain intact; Robert Scott‘s plainspoken lyrics tell the same mix of personal and mildly political stories; and the sound is as crisp and clean as ever. The only thing that’s a little different is that for the first time Scott‘s vocals at times come across a tiny bit gruffer and less wistful than usual. It’s not any kind of problem, though, and those who took 30 or so years away from listening to the band could be fooled if you told them any song here was the follow-up to something from their 1984 By Night EP. Well, maybe “Shut Your Eyes” might not, since it’s maybe the first time the band has augmented its sound with a sweeping violin section. Apart from that, every song has the trademark bounce, jauntily interlocking guitars, and winsome melodies Bats fans have been loving for years. Stack the insistent “Antlers,” the melancholy gem “Rooftops,” or the lovely loping love song “Diamonds” up against any of their best songs from the past and there’s no question that they belong. Indeed, the album as a whole slots in very nicely next to their best work, from 1987’s Daddy’s Highway to 2011’s Free All the Monsters (All Music)

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Horizontes Pop – WHEN NALDA BECAME PUNK: Hanging out with imogen (Single, Discos de Kirlian, 2017)

El proyecto de Elena Sestelo y Roberto Cibeira continúa navegando mirando al horizonte Pop con el desenfado de unas guitarras suficientemente saturadas y unas distorsiones que mantienen ese punto de inocencia de las tan citadas grabaciones de Sarah Records.
Su próximo mini álbum, que se titulará Those words broke our heart, aparecerá el 10 de marzo en Discos de Kirlian / Shelflife Records, y este Hanging out with imogen es su adelanto.

“Those Words Broke Our Hearts was recorded and produced in Vigo (Spain) by Bruno Murmura. “Hanging Out With Imogen”, the first single from the mini-LP, is a pure-pop song filled with energetic jangly guitars and bittersweet synths. “Long before” takes us into that kind of sadness and melancholy that impregnates the albums from Sarah Records. On the other hand” (Prensa)


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Ambientaciones – DEAD HORSE ONE: Season of Mist (Requiem por un Twister, 2017)

Los parisinos DEAD HORSE ONE continúan ofreciéndonos gloriosas píldoras de ambientación Shoegazer, bien desde la faceta más visible -e incluso bailable- (Season of mist, Today) o desde la más ambiental (Insight, Mesmerize Me, Mantis…). Su cruce sin estridencias entre RideBrian Jonestown Massacre-Telescopes es más que disfrutable.

“Opening track “Insight” is truly stunning, and I really dig the somewhat warped sounding keyboard that starts it off. It morphs quickly into a full blown psych stomp with gauzy textures, the perfect synthesis between shoegaze and psychedelia. And before I expound further, let me state for the record that I have always considered shoegaze to be a sub-genre of psych, so the two fit together neatly. The vocals are wonderful here too, as are the guitars soaring into the stratosphere. Wonderful opening track!
“Season of Mist” is equally gorgeous, and it reminds me the most of A Storm in Heaven era Verve. Especially with the curls of feedback surrounding the entire mix. If ever a song deserved to be a hit, it’s this one.  Just amazing! “Mesmerise Me” is a graceful and sublimely trippy slice of decadent psych, and is truly swoonworthy. You will find yourself floating on golden clouds, raised up by the grandeur of this music.  The guitar work by Olivier Debard is fantastic here, but that is the case throughout the record.
“Disconnected” starts off with warm burbling synth and cooing male/female vocals. It is tranquil and easy to lose yourself in, and while it stretches out to five minutes and has lighter textures, it features some stellar guitar. “Today” shifts gears, slowing down and mixing some interesting vocal layers in with a haunting synth line. It reminds me of Ride’s quieter moments, and I like the way the song dials it back to basic instruments before ramping up the energy. “Mantis” is a slight bow to Swervedriver, mostly in the pile-driving guitar and bass, the faster pace, and the frenetic energy swirling about. Then, in mid-song, the band veers off on another track and it’s like a second song was tacked on.
“Sharon” is densely packed with walls of towering feedback that part slightly to let in light swirls of organ and delicate vocals. Very pretty! “It’s Been Awhile” is another nod to Adam Franklin and company, right down to the ethereal vocals wafting through the heavy buzz of guitars. Great! “Sons of God” has symphonic swoops that remind me of that Verve hit that shall not be named, only it’s way better than that. I especially dig the vocals, and the way the wonderfully rendered guitar curls around and between. 
“Forget About Jesus” is not the most obvious song to end the album, but it encompasses everything I like about this group. The synth lines are skewed and cool, and the guitars crunch sweetly in the right spots. In short, this is a great record from this talented French group, and is a release well worth picking up for shoegaze and psych fans of every stripe” (When the Sun Hits)

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Discos de Kirlian está de Aniversario – 5 Años de Kirlian (2016)

Discos de Kirlian celebraba su quinto aniversario publicando este recopilatorio en el que se recogen algunas de sus más de cuarenta referencias editadas en este lustro.

¡ Que cumpláis muchos más !


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Reediciones Afortunadas – EVAN DANDO: Baby, I´m Bored (2017)

Fire Records anuncia la reedición oficial del primer álbum en solitario de EVAN DANDO: Baby I´m Bored, que apareció allá por febrero de 2003. Para celebrarlo, material extra como las dos que acompañan a este teaser: versiones alternativas de Shots is fired, con la participación vocal de Liv Tyler; y otra de Rancho Santa Fe.

“Dando has a flair for bruised melancholy that stands comparison with Gram Parsons and Alex Chilton.” Q Magazine

“A beautiful album of tender reflections on life, love and drug-induced folly set in soulful, country-tinged guitar pop.” The Independent


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Pistas – GOLDFRAPP: Anymore (Video-Single, 2017)

Anymore es una tonadilla suavona de esas que a veces se contagian y se pegan al subconsciente. Avance, además, de su séptimo álbum: Silver Eye, que se publicará en Mayo.


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Asperezas – CAR SEAT HEADREST: Teens of denial (Matador, 2016)

Joven, hiperactivo y creador convulso, Will Toledo (CAR SEAT HEADREST) presenta su debut para Matador (una “grande” dentro de las Indies), con polémica y pleitos incluidos con Rick Okasek.
Tiene el aspecto de un Lou Barlow rejuvenecido, así como su facilidad para la melodía y el estribillo pegajoso. A veces nos recuerda al Beck seminal y en cualquier caso, su álbum se caracteriza por una aspereza sonora adornada del mejor Pop de guitarras.

“Teens of Denial is guitar-driven music filled with booksmart lyrics concerned largely with depression, which naturally means that Toledo has been championed in some circles as an “indie rock savior,” whatever that means. It comes at the same time as a widespread feeling that the idea of “indie rock” itself on the wane. These arguments are often folded into an increased irritation at what might be called “white male ennui,” the root cause of so much stylishly produced music over the last however many years. But depression is colorblind, and Toledo treats sadness not as a stopping point, but as transformative. (At any rate, he’s also multiracial.) There’s an honest reckoning with what his wallowing has led to, and rapturous exhortation when logic alone cannot solve a problem. “I’ve got a right to be depressed,” he yells on “Fill in the Blank,” moments after calling himself out as a little whiner. It’s an emotional conclusion that comes at the beginning of the album, a neat reminder that even after a moment of clarity, there’s always farther to go” (Pitchfork)

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Sutilezas – MAC DEMARCO: My old man (Single, Captured Tracks, 2017)

Más sutilezas. En este caso, de la mano de Mac deMarco: My old man es el avance de su nuevo disco, que se publicará en mayo.


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Insuficiencias Sentimentales – RUSOS BLANCOS: Insuficiente (Vídeo-Single, 2017)

“La canción hablaba de la deriva de dos follamigos, lo cual se desarrolla en este videoclip. Álex Montoya ha escrito el guión y dirige el vídeo protagonizado por Irene Anula e Iñaki Ardanaz. Ambos actores se enfrentan a la mañana después de haber echado un polvo con actitudes muy diferentes. Ella ya está pensando en sus cosas escuchando esta misma canción. Él busca un polvo mañanero que primero incomoda, luego no y finalmente… cataplof (…) 
Rusos Blancos presentan ‘Museo del Romanticismo’ por toda España durante los próximos meses. Actúan el 10 de febrero en Valencia, el 17 de febrero en Madrid, el 18 de febrero en Barcelona, el 10 de marzo en Granada, el 23 de marzo en Zaragoza, el 1 de abril en Valladolid, el 28 de abril en Donosti, el 29 de abril en Oviedo, el 5 de mayo en Murcia y el 19 de mayo en Segovia. Después, les esperan festivales como Low, Contempopránea y Sonorama” (JenesaisPop)


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Folk en la Pista de Baile – Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (Rhythm Scholar Remixes, 2017)

El sonido Folkie de Joni Mitchell revisitado y actualizado en los platos de Rhythm Scholar. Tremenda versión que puedes oír y descargar desde aquí.

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On the Breeze – EZTV: High in place (Captured Tracks, 2016)

High in Place

Suenan igual de frescos que en su álbum de debut. Practican un Breezy-Pop, música brillante, nítida, limpia, muy a lo Aztec Camera o lo que a día de hoy celebrarían bandas como Real Estate, con la que comparten incluso algún miembro. El disco comienza de manera glamurosa, con High flying faith, Racing country y Reason to run, con lo que el nivel es difícil mantenerlo a un rasero tan alto. Pero EZTV casi lo consiguen. El día que mantengan un nivel tan parejo en todos los cortes de un álbum, serán un grupo muy grande.

“On Calling Out, EZTV seemed to have mastered timeless, effortless guitar pop. Their poignant melodies and tumbling riffs were so perfect that it was hard to believe they could be improved upon — and on High in Place, they’re a tough act to follow. Though the band didn’t make any major changes to their music between Calling Out and this album, the overall feel is different and less distinctive. Recorded and produced by the band, High in Place‘s crystalline sound stands in sharp contrast to their debut’s mix of haze and grit; as pretty as it is, it’s almost too smooth and clean to connect with. Similarly, Ezra Tenenbaum‘s buried vocals seem to recede from the listener, making the bittersweet mood more impressionistic than specific when he sings “Not afraid of fading out/Just slowing down” on “Reason to Run,” which features Real Estate‘s Martin Courtney on guitar. Along with Courtney,EZTV‘s collaborators include his bandmate Matt Kallman as well as Jenny Lewis, whose ghostly harmonies are a faint presence on “High Flying Faith.” Calling Out‘s attention-getting spark resurfaces on “Clear,” where processed synths and drums add movement and energy; the hooky “Temporary Gold,” and “States of Confusion,” where wry observations and bittersweet chord changes make it the closest thing to a rocker on High in Place. More often, though, EZTV is so laid-back that they might as well be lying down (and on “Hammock,” they sing the praises of doing just that). Ultimately, it’s easy to appreciate the gentle drift of High in Place‘s riffs, melodies, and harmonies, but it’s hard to do much more than that “ (All Music)



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Impatiently – REAL ESTATE: Darling (Vídeo-Single, 2017)

The Byrds no eran los únicos que jugueteaban con caballos en sus discos. Un equino es el inquieto protagonista del vídeo de este avance del nuevo trabajo de los sutiles Real Estate, que no parece que vayan a apartarse demasiado de su elegante sonido Jangle de siempre.


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Hablarle a los Árboles – CAJSA SIIK: Talk to trees (Birds Records, Single, 2016)

Nuevo sencillo de la cantante sueca Cajsa Siik, titulado Talk to trees, un corte cercano al Pop más refinado a lo Roxy Music: “A song about madness, brawls, truth and illusion. Top to rock bottom and the dance in between”


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Actuando… – FATHER JOHN MISTY: Comedy (Vídeo-Single, 2016)

Otro que presenta nuevo material: el Padre John Misty nos ofrece este Comedy, avance de su nuevo álbum, a publicar en abril. Material con cierta carga sociopolítica en su contenido y el sonido folkie que suele caracterizarle.


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Pistas – NOVELLER: Deep Shelter (Single, Fire Records, 2016)

Deep Shelter está extraído del que será el nuevo trabajo de Noveller: A Pink Sunset For No One, que aparecerá el 10 de febrero.
“Dreamy sounds come and go, but Noveller’s music has all the permanence and gravity of waking reality”


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Pistas – REX RUIT: Demo (2016)

Sonoridades Post-Shoegaze o sonidos Emo, la música de Rex Ruit tiene la intensidad suficiente para engancharte a las primeras escuchas…


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Densidades – GHOST LAKE: A Dream of You (2016)

Densidades sonoras y feedbacks infinitos…


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