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Swedish Winter – RED SLEEPING BEAUTY: Stockholm (Matinée Recordings, 2019)

Stockholm CD

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After a 15-year disappearance, they returned in 2016 with new releases including the excellent album ‘Kristina’ on Shelflife and Labrador.  The band contributed a smash hit to the ‘Matinée World Cup’ EP last year and this album marks their official first full release for Matinée. 
The euphoric ‘We Are Magic’ is both the first song recorded for the album and the first song Kristina sang after defeating cancer. With swirling synthesizers and crystalline vocals, it marks an especially impressive return for the band and is the perfect opening track for the album. 
With an intro that should appeal to vintage O.M.D. enthusiasts, ‘Always On Your Side’ is an indie gem featuring Niklas on lead vocals, while ‘Tonight’ is an ode to the hopes and possibilities of youthful summer nights and a hit single just waiting to happen. 
‘New York City Girls’ channels early Pet Shop Boys and Kraftwerk and is surely the coolest song recorded by the band to date, and ‘A Perfect Facade’ is a sad song detailing life in a small seaside town and featuring the angelic backing vocals of Rose Suau of Shoestrings / Djustin / Invisible Twins fame. 
Side two of the album opens with ‘Top Love’—a duet about everyday life and a modern synth classic complete with shameless Yazoo outro, and is followed by ‘Tell Me Lies’ featuring pop guitars, a heavenly chorus, and lyrics about having really high thoughts about yourself.
Having stolen their name from a great McCarthy single, it was only a matter of time before the band covered ‘Red Sleeping Beauty’ and now, nearly 30 years after their first recordings, their haunting version slots perfectly into the new album. 
Future dancefloor filler ‘The Swedish Winter’ is the band’s most Saint Etienne moment so far—a song about the long, depressing Swedish winter and the short (one day or so), not-so-depressing Swedish summer, while album closer ‘Don’t Cry for Me, California’ begins as a power ballad but morphs into another club hit, complete with 80s Pet Shop Boys orchestral flourishes.
Mixed and mastered by sound genius Tomas Bodén (co-producer of the latest album from fellow Swedes The Radio Dept.), ‘Stockholm’ is by far the strongest set of Red Sleeping Beauty songs to date with the right amount of edge and spark to allow them to reach their true potential” (Press Notes)

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El Synth-Pop de Red Sleeping Beauty está de vuelta. “Tell me more” es su último sencillo.

El Synth-Pop de juguete de Red Sleeping Beauty está de vuelta esta primavera. Tell me more es el sencillo de adelanto de su nuevo trabajo: Kristina (Shelflife, 2016)


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Red Sleeping Beauty: Mi Amor (Labrador, Single, 2016)

Una para nostálgicos: Los suecos Red Sleeping Beauty vuelven de la mano de Labrador Records, y lo hacen de la mano de este sencillo en el que tiran de Electropop, sintes analógicos y de arreglos con guitarra española que más bien parecen algo así como un hit de Radio Olé cantado en inglés y con estribillo en castellano que me imagino que nadie se ha preocupado en decirles lo mal que suena en un oído hispano. El sencillo está incluido en el que será su primer trabajo en diecinueve años, que se titulará Kristina.


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Red Sleeping Beauty: Merry Christmas, Marie (Shelflife, Single, 2015)

La banda sueca Red Sleeping Beauty publicó en 2015 dos sencillos: uno fue este navideño Merry Christmas, Marie. Una canción de innegable sabor a Fiestas y a esa bondad innata de las fechas y del Pop escandinavo. Adelanto del que será nuevo material a publicar en 2016.


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