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Cinéma Vérité: Tired hands (Single, 2010), Le Grand Magistery

Cinéma Vérité es el resultado de la unión de un anglófono de Toronto (Zachary Gray) y un anglófono de Montreal (Guillaume Harvey) que se conocieron en unas clases de cine en la universidad. Tomando como excusa el mundillo cinematográfico, unieron sus fuerzas para crear el dúo, que factura un sonido que es algo así como un Lo-Fi-Pop con toques electrónicos, utilizando esta electrónica (y algún que otro sampler) para crear atmósferas más o menos etéreas para sus temas. Un producto delicado y con cierta dosis de ternura que debuta este otoño con Sunrise, Sunset (2010), para el sello Le Grand Magistery. Un dúo al que no habrá que perderle la pista.

Cinéma Vérité – Tired hands (Single, 2010)

“Cinéma Vérité was started in 2008 by Anglo-Torontonian Zachary Gray and Franco-Montréaler Guillaume Harvey. Having met in the back row of Concordia University film classes, Gray and Harvey began a long-distance song-writing relationship after Gray moved to Toronto to major in film at Ryerson University. Gray recently moved back to Montréal, but the two continue to compose the majority of their music online. 
Signed to Le Grand Magistery in 2010 (best known as Stars’ former label), Cinéma Vérité will be releasing their debut album “Sunrise, Sunset” October 20th, along with a self-released remix album, “Sunrise, Sunset Revisited”, featuring remixes from Benoît Pioulard, Khonnor, Le Concorde, Montag, and Ilkae, among others. (MP3: Le Concorde’s “Oak Island” Remix: With their background in film studies, Cinéma Vérité creates music that is as much atmospheric soundscape as it is catchy-as-hell pop. “Sunrise, Sunset” is a bittersweet gut-ache of heartbreak hangovers and morning-after melodic bliss. It is both moody as hell, and simply sincere. Gray’s lyrics are crystalline and pure, like the memories that play over and over in your head when you’re homesick, like rousing up from a drunk-dry sleep to sober-ecstatic revelation. Harvey’s guitar riffs, spinning out and rolling in, soaked in home-style acoustic pop, are hung out to dry in electronic ephemera. You walk with it and it takes you home. “Sunrise, Sunset” also features two remixes of the forthcoming single ‘Perfect Day’ by Canadian electo acts vitaminsforyou and Montag. In addition to the album, Cinéma Vérité released their debut single “Icelandic Summer” this past June via Le Grand Magistery’s digital compilation “A Very Magistery Summer”. (MP3: “Icelandic Summer”
Cinéma Vérité tours with a 5-piece live band, with Gray on harmonium, laptop, and vocals, and Harvey on guitar. The band rounds out with Toronto musicians Christopher John Butcher on drums, Anu Jindal on guitar, and Tristan Johnston on bass. They’ll be touring North America this October and November with Kranky recording artist Benoît Pioulard. Tour dates will be announced soon”
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