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Edwyn Collins: Losing Sleep (Version Instrumental, Single, 2010)

El incombustible Edwyn Collins nos ofrece un nuevo tema para compartir con todo el mundo. Tras superar su grave enfermedad, se anuncia un próximo disco que aparecerá en breve (su séptimo disco en solitario). Este Losing Sleep se trata de un tema de corte Pop clásico con influencias Soul en sus arreglos y ejecutación. Grabado prácticamente en directo, nos recuerda a algún tipo de banda sonora o música incidental de alguna película de acción de los años setenta. Está producido por Sebastian Lewsley, su mano derecha ahora que Edwyn Collins aún no puede componer ni interpretar con su guitarra. Losing Sleep está disponible en descarga digital gratuita.

Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep (Single, 2010)

“Just like he’s been doing for 40 years, Edywn Collins had an idea for a song. And just like he’s had to do for the past three years, given that he can no longer write on one of his treasured guitars, he got out his Sony Dictaphone.
“The chorus I got in an instant,” the 50-year-old Scottish musical legend remembers of Losing Sleep, the invigorating title track of his new, seventh solo album. “And the verse is dodgy. What to do? I know: try oo-oohs. Singing oo-oohs. And so on. I tried mucking about with the verse. And I thought, Seb will help me with the verse. And, no bother.”
Seb would help him. And so, it transpired, would Franz Ferdinand, The Drums, The Cribs, Johnny Marr, The Magic Numbers and Roddy Frame. Just some of the artists who’ve been inspired by the godlike Edwyn Collins, whether as leader of Orange Juice or as solo artist. Losing Sleep had lift off.
“Fast and quick and speedy,” says Edwyn. That’s how he wanted – needed – his seventh solo album to sound.
Seb is engineer and producer Sebastian Lewsley. He and Edwyn have been working together since 1992. They met in Sonet studio in Chiswick. Seb was the studio assistant and Edwyn was producing former Subway Sect frontman Vic Godard’s album The End Of The Surrey People. Edwyn and Seb bonded over a shared disregard for recording convention. That is, neither liked to muck about, both liked old gear, and neither had time for fussy musicians who endlessly faffed about trying to get their guitar sounds just-so.
Soon Edwyn and Seb were working together on a Frank & Walters album. And soon they had set up shop in Edwyn’s own studio, West Heath – where incidentally the first thing they recorded was Edwyn’s album Gorgeous George, which featured A Girl Like You. And they recorded together happily ever after…
When, in October 2008, Edwyn decided he wanted to make his first album since his catastrophic illness in 2005, Seb was the obvious right-hand man.
They recorded Losing Sleep first, quicksmart: two/three mics on the drumkit, Little Barrie on guitar, Paul Cook (ex-Sex Pistol) on drums, Edwyn doing a guide vocal.
“And that,” says Seb, “was basically the sound that the song is now. A big, roomy drum sound, northern soul-like. Each song has a certain amount of human errors.”
“There’s momentum going on,” nods Edwyn.
The template for the album was set.
“It was the same no matter who came in – we did each song in a day,” says Seb, “and a day consists of about four hours. So there’s a real expediency about how it’s recorded. The whole attitude of the album is just doing that. Not indulging anyone. Not having any band sitting round for days and days. ‘Have you got a guitar part yet? No? Just do it. You’ve got a coupla hours.’ They all looked quite petrified but they did it.”
“The spontaneity flows,” adds Edwyn”

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