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Le Rug: 1779 (Fleeting Youth, Single, 2015)

Maestro del Pop de aristas, Ray Weiss es el artífice de estos sonidos urgentes e inquietos con los que ya nos ha amenizado en más de una ocasión…
Fleeting Youth Records, una de esas compañías que apuestan por el riesgo, es la responsable de la edición de sus discos. 


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Le Rug: Bom (Fleeting Youth Records, Single, 2015)

Ciertas rugosidades sonoras y evidentemente un Pop de alto octanaje…

“As a follow up to his touted introductory collection, Press Start, and his brooding one-man-band record, Swelling (My Own Worst Anime), Ray Weiss brings us Game Over; an all-to-infectious stockpile of some of Weiss and company’s strongest pop material (including an album produced by John DeNicola, Academy Award winning songwriter known for his songs “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” and “Hungry Eyes” from Dirty Dancing), mixed with basement bangers, experimental freak outs, and a 44-song album with a short song dedicated to each US President. 4 albums + a slew of unreleased loosies, all unheard and ready to be adored by post-punk fans around the world.
The first taste of Le Rug’s forthcoming album/collection due out November 13th on Fleeting Youth Records.” (Press)

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Le Rug: Dudley (Fleeting Youth Records, Single, 2014)

Bocanadas de oscuro Post-Punk

So far 2014 has been a rough ride for Weiss: the break up of Butter the Children, a broken engagement, benzo weening, bi-polar wrestling, hanging up on suicide hotlines, back and forth trips to Bangkok, and now homelessness. Before returning to NYC this past month, Ray somehow recorded a new Le Rug album (which he says is the last) entitled Swelling (My Own Worst Anime). Entirely played, produced, and mixed by Weiss himself, Swelling is an intense and debased record full of death, cynicism, and heartbreak. 
The first single from the album is the intense and foreboding Dudley. Laced with a rumbling guitar tone and Weiss’ unhinged wails, Dudley tells a multi-layered tale of Ray’s knife-wielding days in a Thai slum, being torn between your home and a safe haven, and holding yourself and others to too high of a standard.


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Le Rug: Press Start (The Collection) (Fleeting Youth Records, 2014)

The Collection features 5 magnetic and pulsing post-punk releases from Brooklyn’s Le Rug (32 tracks overall)– 3 albums from when Le Rug was more active years ago and 2 new recent EPs released earlier this year. The older material is more of the “deep cuts” variety in which the records were short EPs or singles that never saw release, with the exception of Sex Reduction Flower.

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