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Cinema Red and Blue: Cinema Red and Blue (2010)


Cinema Red and Blue es el nombre del grupo y del álbum de debut de esta súper-banda Indie formada por miembros de Comet Gain, Crystal Stilts y Ladybug Transistor. Liderados por David Christian, quien ha dado forma a los temas propios del disco y aporta voces e instrumentación, este disco es uno de los tesoros de 2010 que en TJB no podíamos dejar pasar de ninguna de las manera sin dedicarle nuestra atención. Concebido como una vía “de escape” a sus proyectos individuales, la música de CRB evoca desde el primer instante, ese sonido clásico de Indie ochentero que tan de moda parece volver a estar últimamente. A ello contribuyen definitivamente los acordes de la guitarra de doce cuerdas de temas como Ballad of a bus stop o Melanie Down, preciosa canción de tonos ochenteros y evocación personal absolutamente arrebatadora. La colección de canciones se distribuye mayoritariamente por temas de Christian y versiones perfectamente asimiladas (Love in the altitude, Brave words o la de Vic Godard, Big Mistakes, que fue el primer single extraído del álbum y por la que conocimos la existencia de Cinema Red and Blue). El disco está concebido más o menos según un núcleo central con los epígrafes “Balada de” a los que acompañan tres temas: de visión pura, de la parada de un autobús y del obrero nocturno, donde priman algo más los rasgos más costumbristas, junto con Charlie Clark y Melanie Down. En una segunda parte del disco, que se abre con la animosa Same mistakes, priman algo más los tonos más introspectivos. A destacar You gonna screw my head, tremendo temazo de aires velvetianos/ochenteros que resulta absolutamente epatante, al menos para quien escribe ésto. Gran disco, en definitiva, que probablemente no tenga continuación, pero que ha dejado una impronta de obra absolutamente intemporal.

Cinema Red and Blue – Cinema Red and Blue (2010)

“We tried hard to sound like the Swell Maps/ What a terrible name for a pop group,” David Feck sings on Cinema Red and Blue’s “Ballad of a Vision Pure”. This might read like a throwaway line, but it sounds rueful and affectionate on record, a music vet happily and wearily reflecting on his youth. Feck, the songwriting force behind minor indie pop legends Comet Gain, is the ringleader for this loose, beery one-off ensemble, which could be called an “indie pop supergroup” if that weren’t an inherently ridiculous idea. Nonetheless, members of Crystal Stilts, the Clean, the Aislers Set, and the Ladybug Transistor all pop by at various points, and the music shimmers and jangles with all the requisite bittersweet colors. But it is Feck’s presence– self-deprecating, gin-wry, tinged with bitterness– that provides the emotional anchor for Cinema Red and Blue, a knowing and affecting power-pop record about the foibles of loving records too much.
“Ballad of a Vision Pure” is the first of three consecutive songs deemed the “ballad of” something (a bus stop, an “all-night worker”) but every song could easily be retitled “Ballad of an Unreformed Pop Music Obsessive.” Songs about listening to pop songs are not a novel concept; in indie pop in particular, they’re a hallowed tradition. But Feck and co. do them so well, with verve and loving attention to details lyrical and musical. These are songs about lonely people yearning to escape into art– Melanie of “Melanie Down” listens to her radio alone in her room, while the “cinema red and blue” of the title pops up repeatedly as a metaphorical space for losing yourself in an all-encompassing experience. Feck readily acknowledges the dark side to this yearning; in “Ghost Confessions”, he sings mournfully about “listening to records that nobody wants/ Dreaming of moments that nobody’s had/ Thinking of people that don’t exist.” Anyone who chuckled at the Swell Maps joke might recoil a bit from the sting.
But wallowing in self-recrimination is an indulgence, and a dead end. Feck’s outlook on Cinema Red and Blue works so well because it neatly splits the difference between sourness and generosity. The sunny music helps; the jangly guitars are just as evocative next to a puttering drum machine as a boogie-rock organ. The album is rounded out by a handful of covers, (Dead Moon’s “Love in the Altitude”, the Chills’ “Brave Words”, “Same Mistakes” by Vic Godard and the Subway Sect); that they sit comfortably next to the originals highlights how well-conceived this one-off project is. The thread uniting the songs is not just a style but a sensibility, one Feck commandeers with the ease of an old Shakespearean actor. For all his ambivalence about the pull of pop-song love, he yields, finally, to affection, and Cinema Red and Blue glows with it. After that crack about trying to sound like the Swell Maps, he admits, fondly: “I was only trying to do something good/ I was only trying to waste my youth/ I was only trying to make some sweet noise/ I was only trying to be a boy.” (

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Cinema Red and Blue: Same mistakes (Single, 2010)


Cinema Red and Blue es el proyecto paralelo de David Feck, frontman de Comet Gain, quien se ha reunido con miembros de su banda y de Crystal Stilts. Además aparecerán en el álbum Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) o Hamish Kilgour (The Clean). Ya han dado conciertos en los que aparecen versiones como ésta que presentan para su descarga gratuita, Same mistakes, de Vic Goddard. Su sonido tiene mucho de Power-Pop con toquecitos de Americana a lo Steve Wynn. Un supergrupo que promete disco para finales de este mes y cuyo resultado final puede resultar de lo más divertido.

Cinema Red and Blue: Same mistakes (Single, 2010)

“Who would have thought that the combined forces of Crystal Stilts and Comet Gain would have resulted in a whole mess of jangly, wide-eyed pop? Oh wait, that’s exactly what we were hoping would result from this union of songwriting talent. Cinema Red and Blue bring a sense of fun without a trace of pretense and it’s as perfect as a clear blue day. Just try not to get swept up in the swagger and strum of “Same Mistakes.” Cinema Red and Blue is a pop music collaboration between members of Comet Gain and Crystal Stilts, with guest appearances by Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor), Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) and a host of others (Eff yes!! – Ed.). Heavy rec-room vibes, lotsa booze, lots to do and little time to do it – the supersesh lives on, with a host of David Feck originals and a bunch of covers (the Chills, Julian Cope, Dead Moon, Len Bright Combo and Vic Godard), assembled in the belief that something good can come from the stored memories and shared experiences of friends who play music” (

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