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Candy Claws: Ceres & Calypso (2014)

“Ceres was a forgotten beast. She was the only one of her kind, a small seal composed of bones and snow. She had an invisible cloak and she had a secret appearance. Her white fur was translucent and illusory. Beware her inaudible sigh! Ceres was associated with time travel and caverns.” -p. 5 

“Rolling inward in wild white billows, the waves devoured the front end of the ship, and the wind tore away the sails and the mast, flinging them high into the flashing sky. Calypso clutched wildly for the railing, and all around her the dark green feeling danced and flew.” -p. 47 

“In a time before time, Ceres and Calypso began wandering the depths of the world.” -p. 202 

Please Note: 

Two additional fragments of manuscript were discovered in the same dig as those of “Blood Ark” and the Sues Zephyrosaurus, preserved in strata a few hundred million years older. They are written in the hand of a child still learning cursive: 

“I’m climbing to be your one in a million” 

“Across the Valley of the Sun / I close my eyes / Is she still there?” 

-followed by “Bridge climber (you can hardly see me)”

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