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Flying Cape Experience: Let´s sing more about the eyes (El Vals del Conejo, 2013)

Let's Sing More About The Eyes cover art

“Una terapia Psicodélica”. Así definen los finlandeses Flying Cape Experience su música. Una especie de tratamiento de choque contra el estrés de la mayor parte de nuestras vidas diarias.
Shoegaze Ambiental con instrumentación más propia del Post-Rock, la música de FCE tiene mucho que ver con esa manera de ver la música que tienen los enamorados del Pop más ensoñador.

Self-defined as a Psychedelic t h e r a p y session, Let’s Sing More About The Eyes, really was crafted for the listener and not the artists themselves. This attempt at communication with strangers on a deep level is something I always look for when trying on new musical clothing. Flying Cape Experience have found something worth sharing to anyone and everyone. The remedy is relief. This universal message, embedded in the songs, really makes me feel connected to something bigger than myself. Charming, ancient and immersing; the first opening track is a Synth-like loop of swells that slowly build. It’s easy to close your eyes and forget about your own life and surroundings. This defragmentation into boundless realms washes away your problems with the wave of generated rain in this shoegazing and static-like orange and green cloud. This Finland Post-rock project is yet another example of a band pushing instrumental music to a mainstream audience, and I love it. Always a fan of corrupting the listener and electrifying myself, bands like these keep injecting soul into the masses. Intoxicate my fragile and speed-weaving perception. They are a wave-form, with compatibility and they are getting ready for take off. Torridity of the sun’s shade in a winter frosted glaze, Let’s Sing More About The Eyes stimulates yesterday, today and tomorrow. I’ll keep listening and you guys keep spreading. it. wide” (Spread)

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