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Delicadezas – NO VACATION: Intermission (Topshelf Records, 2017)

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NO VACATION son una formación de San Francisco que navegan con soltura por las aguas del Dream-Pop de tintes LoFi con una indudable elegancia y belleza.

“No Vacation began in early 2015, and quickly received attention for the nostalgic bedroom-pop sounds off of their debut mixtape, Amo XO, and surf-rock single, “Draem Girl”. A few months following the release of their second mixtape, Summer Break, No Vacation went on an indefinite hiatus. After playing shows under various names and a few line-up changes, Sab Mai, Marisa Saunders, Nat Lee, and Harrison Spencer have reassembled to make up No Vacation. Since their reunion, No Vacation has released 2 singles and an EP titled, Intermission, which was released by Topshelf Records in November 2017. As they transition out of San Francisco, No Vacation will bring the novice “wavy-gravy dream-pop” sounds of Intermission to Brooklyn” (No Vacation)

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