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Tape Runs Out: Friends / Flowers (Ear to Ear Records, Single, 2015)

Tape Runs Out unashamedly display their edgy, refreshing pop-mindedness in these two tracks, with a potent elixir of guitars, hooks and the familiar soft hush of early 90s male vocals. This release includes the hallmark “Friends”, a layered jangle anthem sure to inspire dreaming and gazing, and the stand-out track “Flowers” is reminiscent of ‘Rock Action’ era Mogwai on ecstasy with a remarkable Cure-laced cool-down effect.
One of the most exciting bands to come out of Cambridge in recent times, Tape Runs Out have being enthralling audiences around England for the past two years. Although they have been variously described as indie, shoegaze, dream pop and electronica, but they certainly borrow elements from these genres, they have carved out their own sound by blending cleverly crafted melodies, melancholic ambience and dreamy reverb-tinged rhythms. Headed by Liam Goodrum-Bell, Tape Runs Out’s music is infectious with a modern and unique twist, bucking stereotypical trends with songs to be savored by those who like to ‘feel’ and absorb the music, as well as the most intricate and scrupulous music lovers” (Press)

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