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Anocheceres – ULTIMATE PAINTING: Dusk (Trouble in Mind Records, 2016)


El último trabajo del inquieto James Hoare (Veronica Falls, Ultimate Painting, Charles Howl, The Proper Ornaments) es este tercer álbum del dúo que forma junto con Jack Cooper (Mazes).
Para la ocasión, los chicos han contado con Melissa Rigby a la batería, y su sonido transcurre casi por los mismos derroteros de su último lanzamiento. De hecho, las canciones de Hoare tienen un cierto nexo común entre la Velvet Underground y el Rock Neoyorquino, el Emo,  y Pop más psicodélico sesentero.
Estos rasgos están muy presentes en las diez canciones que componen Dusk (2016). Temas que transcurren plácida y melancólicamente entre cálidas guitarras, pianos eléctricos y ritmos a medio tiempo. Nos gusta la música  de Ultimate Painting (aunque no actualicen su Facebook).

“After releasing two very fine albums of relaxed guitar pop in a two-year span and touring incessantly, one might expect the duo of James Hoare and Jack Cooper to kick back and take a break. It appears they don’t operate that way, and Dusk, the third Ultimate Painting album in as many years, hit the stores in late 2016. By this time, Hoare and Cooper had perfected their writing and recording techniques, melding their two styles into a blend that makes it hard to tell when one guy stops and the other starts. Their voices and guitars twine together in perfect harmony and the richness of this fusion helps make the sound they get on Dusk to be the warmest and most welcoming of their short, busy career. Adding new drummer Melissa Rigby to the mix means a few more cymbals here and there, maybe a couple more fills too, but she’s a sympathetic collaborator and never overshadows the guitar jangle or the wispily quiet vocals. Unlike the group’s other albums, there aren’t any talking blues rambles or uptempo rockers; the mood is steady, melancholy, and quite autumnal in nature. Tracks like the slowly unwinding “Song for Brian Jones,” the calmly rollicking “Who Is Your Next Target?,” or the lush “Set Me Free” could be triggering for those who are brought to tears by the smell of burning leaves. The addition of the occasional acoustic guitar and electric piano only adds to the sepia-toned, lost-in-thought, wrapped-in-sweaters mood. With the Clientele mostly out of operation, Ultimate Painting are making a bid here to take over their place as “the band most likely to drink mulled cider and glumly kick leaves as they walk the chilly streets.” Most bands with such a brisk work rate run the risk of burning themselves out too soon or simply repeating themselves until their record deals dry up. Unlike those sad souls, Hoare and Cooper just keep getting better while giving their proven formula a little tweak here and there, just enough to make it feel like a progression. Ultimate Painting have quickly proven themselves to be masters of understated emotion and restrained production, and Duskis another tiny work of quiet brilliance” (All Music)

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Bussines as Usual – THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Third world pyramid (A Records, 2016)


Con Third World Pyramid, The Brian Jonestown Massacre nos ofrecen algo más de lo ya indagado en los últimos tiempos: pura mezcla de estilos, psicodelia latente en cada surco y un absoluto distanciamiento de cualquier banda que aspire a emularles. 
Una sensación de continuidad que para nada tiene por qué ser negativa, porque con esos elementos, la banda de Anton Newcombe tiene expresividad y fuerza de comunicación suficiente como para ofrecernos otro disco de esos epatantes a los que TBJM nos tiene acostumbrados. 

“Opening with the solemn ‘Good Mourning’, Newcombe’s spouse Katy Lane taking the lead vocal on an acoustic lament that’s part Nico, part Country Joe And The Fish in its make up. “Dying faces all I see” she intones over a wistful, if occasionally pastoral arrangement that sets the scene enigmatically for what follows.
Both ‘Government Beard’ and ‘Don’t Get Lost’ find themselves bathed in orchestral arrangements. The former’s symphonic sound not that dissimilar to the most adventurous moments on My Bloody Valentine’s mbv or even The Beatles’ mid-late Sixties fusion of brass with traditional elements of rock and roll. Meanwhile on the latter, once again ignited by a similar fusion of styles it could easily sit on any Brian Jonestown Massacre record from Their Satanic Majesties Second Request onwards.
Indeed, it’s been Newcombe’s constant refusal to confirm that’s made them such a prodigious outfit and there’s little in the way of uniformed conformity here. At nine-and-a-half minutes long, ‘Assignment Song’ stands tall as the centrepiece of the record. An elongated folk number that depicts sadness and melancholia yet oozes tenacity all the same.
The Eastern tinged instrumental ‘Oh Bother’ follows suit, its stomping rhythmic underbelly made for the dramatic scenes of an updated take on film noir. Likewise ‘Lunar Surf Graveyard’, another instrumental piece that bears all the hallmarks of a celluloid soundtrack in waiting.
Better still is the title track, a piledriving psych rock headrush similar in feel to Dead Skeletons’ ‘Dead Mantra’as Ricky Maymi and Ryan Van Kriedt’s guitars take control while a collusion of male and female remain eerily low in the mix. ‘Like Describing Colors To A Blind Man On Acid’ is perhaps the nearest Third World Pyramid gets to traditional BJM – if there is such a thing. Combining three minutes of classic rock and roll with Newcombe’s distinctive vocal, its arguably the most instantly recognisable by way of artist piece on the record.
Closing with lead single ‘The Sun Ship’, a Sixties-inspired number that recalls The Monkees’ Head soundtrack in both style and execution albeit with a slightly more sinister edge” (Drowned in Sound)

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Cadenas Rosas – Lazy Legs: Chain of pink (Single, 2016)

Pulsiones y oscuridad Shoegazers

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Inteligencia Emocional – LÚA GRAMER: Plaza de Abastos/Real Decreto (Clifford Records, 2016)

Lúa Gramer despiden el año a lo grande, con un sencillo de doble cara A titulado Plaza de Abastos/Real Decreto. Todo un lujo editado por Clifford Records. Lo mejorcito del Pop de guitarras vía Boo Radleys, Ride, Teenage Fanclub, Pixies, Surfin´Bichos… resumido en un tema de elegancia discreta en el que cuentan con la colaboración de Joaquín Pascual. Para Mercado de Abastos, Lúa Gramer vuelven a ahondar en la vena emocional que tan buen filón destilaba ya en su anterior Ep, aderezándolo con unas guitarras endemoniadas. 
Apúntalos en tu agenda. Te pueden ofrecer gratas sorpresas en un futuro muy cercano.

“Lúa Gramer son un punto y aparte, un mundo fascinante en su cotidiana simplicidad, porque saben construir canciones Pop que transitan lugares –en apariencia- comunes transmitiendo las emociones precisas en el momento exacto. Para no dar de más cuando menos es necesariamente más. Pura poesía contenida” (Prensa)

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Murciano Total repican las Campanas por Navidad – MURCIANO TOTAL: Por las Campanas de San Juan (Cencia Remix) (El Genio Equivocado, Single, 2016)

Murciano Total repican las campanas por Navidad y editan esta remezcla de Por las Campanas de San Juan, sencillo incluido en su segundo trabajo: Enquinias (El Genio Equivocado, 2016)


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Revivalismo Shoegazer – THE SUNCHAMS: The Sunchams (Cloudberry / Wilde Club Records, 2016)

Revivalismo y reedición de un clásico de la otra división mediática del Shoegaze de comienzos de los noventa.

“The Suncharms are a Sheffield based indie/shoegaze band originally active between 1989-1993. After releasing aretrospective CD compilation on Cloudberry Records the band have reunited and are working on brand new material so watch this space for future releases!” (Press)


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Granos y Guitarras – Frankie Teardrop: Hell Yep (No Problem Records, 2016)

Y seguimos con el acné. Frankie Teardrop son una de esas bandas contagiosas de fácil guitarreo y distorsión a niveles perjudiciales. Aunque tampoco le hacen asco a algunos sintetizadores y tecladitos…


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Amores Adolescentes – BOYS: Love on tour (Ep, 2016)

Noticias desde la Post-Adolescencia en forma de canciones ingenuas e instrumentaciones ásperas. Buen proyecto de banda Fuzzy.

“Boys is the solo project of HOLY guitarist Nora Karlsson and her new EP Love on Tour is the follow-up to last year’s debut EP Kind of Hurt. While Kind of Hurt were more or less home-recorded demos, Love on Tour is a step up on the production side while continuing to showcase Karlsson’s talents as a songwriter, with a sound somewhere in between Sarah Records and current day US indie pop, intimate and affecting lo-fi pop” (Press)


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Bendita Madurez – THE POSIES: Solid States (Lojinx, 2016)

Solid States

El último trabajo de The Posies es un disco en el que el dúo formado por Ken Stringfellow y Jon Auer se ha dedicado a lo que más le apetecía en este momento: facturar un puñado de canciones en el que ningún dictado estético ni sonoro tuviera cabida. Un disco preñado de buenos momentos. Lejanos, quizás de aquel Power-Pop de alto voltaje de sus comienzos, pero de una finura y una elegancia Pop que deja una huella indelble. Hablo de temas como Squirrel vs. Snake, Squattered, We´R the Power, Unlikely places, Titanic, Squattered, The plague
Canciones sin la inmediatez ni la potencia de guitarras de antaño (aunque no ocurre lo mismo en sus directos), pero que elevan el nivel de matices, arreglos y componen una colección altamente deleitable.

“Thirty years after Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow started working together, the Posies have evolved from a great pop band into a terrific part-time job. Auer and Stringfellow each have enough going on that the band has ceased to be a full-time concern. But when they do get together and make new music, they do so with impressive commitment and enthusiasm. Solid States is the first Posiesalbum in six years, and their first since the death of longtime drummer Darius Minwalla. Working with a new percussionist (Frankie Siragusa) and a different approach, the album sounds significantly different than much of their previous work. The big guitars that dominated the Posies‘ classic period albums are far less conspicuous here, and keyboards and electronics play a much bigger role in the arrangements. The Baroque pop accents of Failure and Dear 23 are pretty much gone, as are the guitar heroics of Frosting on the Beater and Amazing Disgrace. Despite all that, Solid States still sounds like the Posies. This is different version of the band, to be sure, but Auer and Stringfellow‘s superb harmonies and clever songcraft are a potent reminder of who’s at the controls here. The melodies are more streamlined than in days past, but the hooks are still pure pop perfection, and the arrangements serve the tunes well. If the Posies are working more inside the box in 2016, they’re hardly alone, and they haven’t let their new working methods rob them of their intelligence or their tunefulness. And the political consciousness that made itself known on 2005’s Every Kind of Light is even more prominent on Solid States. Lyrically, this is among the sharpest and wittiest collections of songs this band has ever released. Add in the similarly fine music, and Solid States demonstratesthe Posies have plenty of fresh ideas and great records left in them after three decades” (All Music)

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Inquietud – ALONDRA GALOPA: Alejandra (Linier Discos, Single, 2016)

Con un atractivo inquietante y una finura Pop indudable, Alondra Galopa edita este último sencillo antes de cerrar el año para cumplir con lo prometido: doce meses y doce sencillos.

Alondra Galopa presenta “Alejandra”.Último single adelanto de su próximo trabajo, que será publicado en Febrero de 2017. Single lleno de melancolía con el toque infantil de la voz de Alejandra R. Salinas, que junto a Mónica ejecuta los coros que conducen todo el tema. Alejandra es un tema marcado por su protagonista. Una niña de 7 años, ferviente fan de Marisol, que con su voz marca la atmósfera de toda la canción, dotándola de esa inocencia que a veces olvidamos que existe. (Prensa)


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Not only a Happy Band – THE EVERSONS: Stuck in New Zealand (Lil´Chief Records, 2016)

Los neozelandeses The Eversons acaban de publicar su segundo trabajo, este Stuck in New Zealand. Un disco en el que los chicos parece que quieran sacarse de encima la etiqueta de Happy Music, o lo que es lo mismo: un grupo preferentemente relacionable con la visión más hedonista del Pop. Para ello, han echado mano de una producción más cuidada y de una apertura de su espectro musical. El resultado final es simplemente aprovechable. Su primer álbum era mucho más ameno, interesante y divertido.

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Ave Fénix – CULLEN OMORI: New Misery (SubPop, 2016)

New Misery, Cullen Omori

La facción más Pop de The Smith Westerns (Rip) continúa vigente en New Misery, el álbum de debut de Cullen Omori, al fin y al cabo el responsable de parte de aquellos sonidos mágicos y cercanos al Neo-Glam de los que aquellos fueron abanderados.
Once temas más que decentes y una propuesta interesante para continuar la estela de la que pudo ser una gran banda de haber perdurado en el tiempo.

“This might have led to a flimsy, fragile record – but it didn’t. The first thing that leaps out about ‘New Misery’ – recorded in New York by Sleigh Bells and Fucked Up collaborator Shane Stoneback – is the volume. You could get lost for hours in the buzz of keys and guitar on ‘And Yet The World Still Turns’ and ‘Synthetic Romance’. Even ‘Hey Girl’ – the closest thing to a Smith Westerns song here – is noisy. Denser than any of their three albums, ‘New Misery’ blends catchy solos, beefy drums and thick synth parts indebted to Spiritualized and OMD with Cullen’s voice – which remains evocative of some dreamy American high school utopia.
But ‘New Misery’ is way darker than that. On opener ‘No Big Deal’ – which stomps like T. Rex in a similar way to Smith Westerns’ 2009 debut – Cullen assesses his washed up lifestyle: “Creature of habit/ Torn leather jacket/ Chase the white rabbit/ I think something’s wrong”. Poppy lead single ‘Cinnamon’ has him anxiously sniffing coke in a club toilet: “I can hear you through the stall/ Don’t you go and take it all”. The snatches of introspection on the waltzing ‘Poison Dart’ (“I’m talking to myself and myself’s a jerk”) and ‘Sour Silk’ (“And I suppose I got it all wrong”) smack even louder of unhappiness.
As he sings “New misery lives on” on the closing title-track, it sounds very much like a black cloud still hangs over Cullen Omori’s head, but it should clear soon. He’s got more to smile about than he realises” (NME)

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Lagarterana – LAVANDERA: Hacia el mar (Discos de Kirlian, 2016)

El primer indicio que me dio Cazamariposas, el primer corte de este segundo Ep de Lavandera, es la de un Pop demasiado tendente a cierta producción de bandas relacionadas con el Naif más inocentón, y encima edulcorado con gaitas electrónicas y ritmos folclóricos. En fin, esa sensación cambia conforme avanzamos en las seis canciones del Ep, marcadas, sin dudas por elementos autóctonos (Náufragos, Veranos), lo que nos los acerca a ciertas bandas más próximas al público de Indietracks. 

“En las seis canciones de su nuevo EP (segundo disco que editan, tras un debut que recopilaba sus maquetas) se alternan una dulce voz femenina y otra masculina, más natural, pero también se hacen oír la batería, el bajo y la guitarra, como en Daily Planet o en Felt. Y, pese al título y al paisaje playero de la portada, no todo es sol y placer: títulos como “Cazamariposas”, “Misiones”,“Campos de algodón” o “Náufragos” esconden también cierto misterio u oscuridad, y son tan cortos –suman poco más de un cuarto de hora- como intensos. Será porque son de Pola de Siero, y su música, lejos de la placidez mediterránea, refleja las turbulencias atlánticas” (Rockdelux)


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This Rocker Boy – CLARA PLATH: This lonely boy (Vídeo-Single, 2016)

“La banda murciana Clara Plath presenta en exclusiva en Muzikalia el videoclip de “This Lonely Boy”, tema anticipo de lo que será su próximo disco Yes, I’m special (Flor y Nata Records, 2017) y cuya publicación está prevista para febrero de 2017.
El videoclip, como en anteriores ocasiones, ha sido dirigido por Manuel García de Otazo. El protagonista disfrazado es el músico y poeta Rubén Ayllón actuando como “This Lonely Boy”, ese chico solitario que alguna vez todos hemos sido y que decide montárselo el mismo en el día de su cumpleaños…” (Prensa)


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Sophovolution – DIIV: Is the Is Are (2016)

Aligerando algo de lastre Shoegazer (error), y centrando algó más el punto de interés en el Pop más Janglie se presenta este segundo trabajo de DIIV: Is the Is Are (2016). Un disco quizás menos epatante que su debut pero que no pierde el interés, si acaso en la excesiva duración del mismo: diecisiete cortes pueden hacerse algo largos. 

“Is the Is Are, the highly-anticipated sophomore release from Brooklyn-based DIIV, is an album years and many personal struggles in the making for it’s architect, Zachary Cole Smith. Recorded and mixed in various locations in Brooklyn, it showcases everything you know and love about DIIV, and many things you did not, all with an added nuance and depth. It is a 17-song, double-album statement intended to resonate with its audience in much the same way that Bad Moon Rising or Tago Mago has for Smith himself.
An extension and deepening of the musical ideas first expressed on 2012’s critically-lauded Oshin, Is the Is Are yields a multiplicity of textures, lyrical themes, and moods. It is a more diverse world than Oshin, with different parameters and ideals. Dark and honest to a fault, the new songs are dynamic, loud, quiet, sad; they are songs that hiss and snarl; songs that, as Smith wrote recently, represent “the real me.” Smith’s vocals, too, are much closer to the foreground, layered legibly on top of tidal waves of shimmering guitar and melodic bass weaving in and out, leaving a distinct and indelible imprint” (Press)

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Evolución POP – THE MINDERS: Into the river (Space Cassette, 2016)

Mucho tiempo ha pasado ya desde los primeros sencillos de The Minders con Robert Schneider y Hillary Sidney en la formación. Bastante desde que publicaron su maravillosa obra maestra de debut: Hooray for Tuesday. Time has gone… y The Minders han evolucionado hasta un Pop más barroco que antaño, donde se acercaban más al Power-Pop. Algunos arreglos de cuerda sublimes adornan los momentos álgidos de este Into the river. Desgraciadamente, será un disco que no tendrá ningún tipo de transcendencia mediática y ni siquiera estará entre lo mejor de su discografía, pero aún así, su sexto trabajo (y el primero en diez años) tiene elementos de sobra para que le prestemos atención.

“Into the River is the Minder’s fourth full length studio album, and the band’s first release in ten years. The eleven tracks featured here were engineered and produced by Larry Crane (Tape Op/ Jackpot studio fame) the production incorporates a varied array of songs some accompanied with string arrangements. At first listen, Into the River plays like a concept record. Two versions of the title track appear on the record -strategically placed as bookends on both sides of the album; however, each version is uniquely different, so much so that at first listen they appear to be two different songs.
Into the River picks up where the band left off from its last release (Bright Guilty World, Future Farmer 2006). Crane’s expert engineering and producing hands are in evidence with lush string arrangements that help paint a deep emotional back drop to the song craft that has become The Minder’s trade mark. Into the River is the most ambitious studio effort by The Minders, and it is on this record that the band has arrived with their best album to date. Please sit back and enjoy!” (Press)


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El Legado – TBTCI Loves TFC (TBTCI Records, 2016)

En esa maraña de iniciales del título del post nos encontramos con dieciséis versiones de otras tantas canciones de nuestros protagonistas del último post: los escoceses de Bellshill TEENAGE FANCLUB. Un proyecto liderado por Renato Malizia, autor del blog decano The Blog That Celebrates Itself, quien ideó una sección de discos. Una de sus últimas ediciones fue este TBTCI Loves TFC.


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Teenage Fanclub son Eternos – TFC: Here (PeMa, 2016)

Me gusta el último disco de Teenage Fanclub. Mejor dicho: me gusta MUCHO el último disco de Teenage Fanclub. En realidad, casi todo lo que hacen o han hecho me gusta mucho. Siempre he disfrutado con ellos. Los descubrí al comienzo de los noventa. Me han acompañado en la mejor época de mi vida y nunca podría dejarlos de lado. Siempre han facturado buenos discos, con muy pocos altibajos. En los últimos tiempos pensé que quizás iba a perderlos, que habían puesto el piloto automático y que igual ya nada sería igual. Pero no. HERE es un discazo. Un gran trabajo, un gran ejemplo de disco lleno de canciones redondas a los que los de Glasgow nos tenían acostumbrados (qué pena que en los últimos tiempos se prodiguen poco en el estudio); una obra de absoluta madurez preñada de optimismo, de esa espontaneidad algo ingenua que siempre les ha caracterizado (Here se abre con una clara declaración de intenciones: I´m in love). Una obra intemporal que puedes estar oyendo una y otra vez sin temor a cansarte: “I’m alive, one more day, yeah, I’m alive”.
Divididos a partes iguales, los cuatro temas que firman cada uno de sus componentes originales son fácilmente reconocibles por los que les seguimos desde hace tanto tiempo, aunque en este disco, los cortes de Raymond tienden quizás a un cierto escapismo astral que le da un aire muy etéreo a ciertas partes del álbum. Los temas de Norman son realmente increíbles, y rayan a esa altura memorable, y los de Gerry son, como de costumbre, quizás los más melódicos y fácilmente reconocibles por sus armonías perfectas.
Here es el décimo trabajo de Teenage Fanclub, una ocasión perfecta para celebrar ese número tan redondo y tan simbólico. Un álbum de diez que nos muestra a unos TFC en el que probablemente sea su momento cumbre tras sus inmensos legados de los años noventa.

“Like a single-word mantra, Teenage Fanclub‘s tenth studio album, 2016’s Here, is a ruminative, inward-looking album of folk-inflected beauty. Once the ’90s poster children for grungy sweet, ’70s-style rock melodicism, the Scottish outfit centered on singer/songwriters Norman Blake, Gerard Love, and Raymond McGinley has aged into a bittersweet, poetically nuanced entity as connected to its roots as a gorgeously gnarled oak on a stark hillside. Produced by the band in France and at McGinley‘s home in Glasgow, Here has a soft, organic quality that feels unfussed with. Of course, that easygoing vibe belies some obvious craftsmanship, as tracks like the brightly engaging “Live in the Moment” and the sweeping “The Darkest Part of the Night” feature horn and string flourishes. Primarily, the focus onHere, as with most of TFC‘s albums, is the band’s warm vocals and guitar-based hooks that somehow manage to get pleasantly stuck in your head for days. Closing in on 30 years together, “the Fannies” are the Ents of the power pop world. Like Tolkien‘s talking trees, TFC are slow-moving musical giants who come together roughly every five years to craft a set of well-honed songs rife with lyricism, sunlight, and, as in the case of Here, a transcendental sadness. It’s a melancholy accent the band carries throughout much of the album. On the starry-eyed “I Have Nothing More to Say,” Love sings, “Clear me a space, I’m in need of isolation, a warm dark bed to ease my strain.” However, rather than coming off as negative or starkly depressive, the band strike a tone of humble gratitude. On “Hold On,”McGinley sings,”Wake up, I’m alive, one more day, yeah, I’m alive.” Later, he punctuates the affirmation with the deceptively unassuming observation, “I don’t hear much fanfare for the common man these days.” Teenage Fanclub have built a career writing fanfares for the common man and Here is rife with them. These are heartfelt anthems about the transformative nature of everyday love and how a sunny day or sparkling melody can restore your faith in humanity. As Blake sings on the opening “I’m in Love,” “There is pain in this world, I can see it in your eyes, and it’s so hard to stay alive at the edge of the night/ But it feels good when you’re next to me, that’s enough, that’s enough.” Ultimately, forTeenage Fanclub fans longing to live in that transformative pop moment, Here should be more than enough” (All Music)

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Intimismo en casa – HIBERNALES: Tu casa es mi casa (Single, El Genio Equivocado, 2016)

Intimismo para no salir de casa, bajo una luz tenue y poniendo el pickup a volumen moderado. Adelanto del nuevo trabajo de Hibernales, a publicar en breve.

“El tema fue grabado en su ‘home studio’ con el primer ampli y la primera guitarra deEloy, y esto no es casualidad, haciendo de esta canción un paradigma. Las pequeñas cosas que te hacen sonreír en la vida son, habitualmente, detalles que pasan desapercibidos. Uno los valora más cuando los tiene lejos. Se trata pues de una bonita canción que pretende ensalzar esos detalles. Destellos cotidianos que vienen y van en el resto de canciones del disco” (Prensa)

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Amber Arcades: Fading lines (Heavenly Records, 2016)

El debut de la holandesa Annelotte de Graaf, aka. Amber Arcades, se titula Fading Lanes. Un bonito álbum que adolece de una cierta regularidad en su línea sonora. Lo mismo nos encontramos con piezas del mejor Shoegaze que con cortes más cercanos al Dream-Pop más reverberante.

“What could have been a vanity project on par with a crummy self-published novel instead turned out to be something quite good. Good enough that Heavenly Records even decided to sign Amber Arcades and release the album. De Graaf spent her money wisely in hiring Greenberg to produce. His straightforward approach suits her music well, giving her dreamy songs a solid base that keeps them from drifting away. The band provides crack musical backing too, with chiming guitars, chunky basslines, and propulsive drums that drive the faster songs and help the slower ones hit the right Stereolab-jamming-with-Broadcast note. The real star, despite all the surrounding drama, is de Graaf and the songs she wrote. Roughly divided 50/50 between dream pop lullabies and motor-driven modern guitar pop, the songs fit together like reverb-coated puzzle pieces. Her sweetly unschooled vocals float through the simply hypnotic backing tracks, never sounding lost in the mix but never overpowering either. The best songs are those with a little bit of kick, like the swirling psych pop title track, or those that forgo the guitar-heavy approach for something a little more space age pop-sounding, like “Perpetuum Mobile.” Best of the record’s many highlights is the motorik synth pop song “Turning Light,” which stretches out over seven minutes of glimmering synths and has one of her sweetest vocal melodies. She proves adept at so many styles within her chosen niche on Fading Lines that her next album could go in any of four or five directions and sound very good. Or it could sound exactly the same and be well worth everyone’s time. Hopefully de Graaf won’t have to finance that second record, but even if for some weird reason Heavenly dropped out of the picture, it’s certain that many other labels would be only too happy to have someone this talented on their roster” (All Music)


December 2 The Bataclan w/ Nada Surf, Paris, FR

December 3 Cap Caval w/ Nada Surf, Penmarch, FR

December 4 La Nef w/ Nada Surf, Angouleme, FR

December 10 Freeze Festival, Leeuwarden, NL

January 11 Eurosonic, Groningen, NL

January 18 Oslo, London, UK

January 19 The Harley, Sheffield, UK

January 22 The Trades Club w/ Temples, Hebden Bridge, UK

February 9 One Of A Million Festival, Baden, CH

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