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Uma: Vanity (Seayou Records, Single, 2013)

UMA - VANITY cover art

Día de post-celebración. Día de Electrónica (sí, Electrónica) en The JangleBox.

“Vanity is the new single by married duo UMA who entered the stage rather successfully with last year’s Silver Apples collabo Drop Your Soul. Vanity is the bleak herald to an album to come in 2014. It is testament to the work/love relationship of wife and husband, the difficult task of both being married and making music together. The track was recorded on analogue equipment (synth, drum machine, guitar) to an analogue 16 track tape recorder (13 tracks technically, 3 broken) in the band’s home studio which is actually the entirety of their apartment. They insulated the bathroom to record vocals and built their own loft bed to make space for a recording chamber for instruments”


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Squalloscope: Bloodbaths for birds (UMA Remix, 2013)

“One Seayou artist remixes the other. Coincidentally, it is also one former Red Bull Music Academy participant (Madrid 2011) remixing one future participant (New York 2013). UMA did this fantastic transformation of Squalloscope’s Bloodbaths For Birds, amazing as it already was, into a dark & moody electro piece. It is the first remix UMA ever did and, judging by that track, hopefully not the last. We have put it up on our Soundcloud as a free download (…)
UMA is German-Austrian married couple Ella and Florian. They are living and working in Berlin. She studied classical music and sang in choirs in the solitude of southern Austria. He grew up in suburbia where he formed a Guns N’ Roses tribute band with a drum machine. Both moved to (different) big cities and were part of rather successful bands. By chance they met, married and formed UMA in late 2011 as a one-off support gig for Silver Apples at the Red Bull Music Academy 2011 in Madrid that Ella was part of. That event was so inspiring that they kept making music. Their debut EP Drop Your Soul, which also includes a Silver Apples collaboration, was released to critical acclaim in May 2012 including a successful release tour which peaked with a performance at the London Field Day Festival. Dark vibes, bright future is what SPIN had to say about UMA. We think so too.” (Press)


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Uma: Wild at heart (Doc Daneeka Remix, 2012)

Un poquito de música electrónica para desengrasar este domingo. Nos llega de las manos de Uma, ese dúo de Pop electrónico de cuyo Wild at heart os presento esta Remix.

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Uma: Drop your soul (Ep, 2012)

UMA - DROP YOUR SOUL cover art

Uma es un dúo formado por un matrimonio con sede en Berlín. Su música es algo así como la reencarnación del primer movimiento de música electrónica que surgió a mediados de los setenta precisamente teniendo a su país como uno de los centros neurálgicos. En TJB no somos especialistas ni mucho menos en estas lides, pero sabemos reconocer cuando un tema tiene calidad suficiente y desde luego, los cinco cortes que componen Drop your soul, el debut de Uma, sin duda la tienen. Partiendo de presupuestos claramente experimentales y con una base electrónica aunque realizada con aparatos analógicos, lo cual le da al disco un carácter más cálido y cercano, las canciones de Drop your soul van desde el minimalismo más Kraut de Mirror/Dignity a la reinterpretación Surfera de Dream machine o la experimentación pura y dura de Drop your soul. El Ep discurre por tu reproductor suave y relajadamente de tal modo que finalmente no has reparado prácticamente en que el disco ha finalizado. Y ésto es todo un logro. Por cierto, para su elaboración, el dúo ha contado con la colaboración de la banda pionera de la electrónica Silver Apples.
El disco está disponible en descarga digital a precio de risa en su Bandcamp. En el mes de Mayo está prevista una edición física del mismo.

Uma – Drop your soul (Ep, 2012)

“The Berlin-based husband and wife duo UMA recently dropped their debut EP titled “Drop Your Soul,” which features a collaboration with ’60s electronic music pioneers, Silver Apples.
UMA formed in late 2011 and recorded the EP in their home studio in Berlin using a combination of analogue synthesizers, drum machines and digital recording equipment. Aside from Silver Apples, the duo are influenced by everything from classical and Throbbing Gristle to Bjork and Animal Collective.
The title track, a study in the darkly surreal, is a rather beautiful synthesis of musique concrète, melody and harmony. It ranges from crystalline, raindrop-like synth and percussion notes to dissonant noise—the work of Silver Apples apparently. Where “Drop Your Soul” is deliciously experimental, “Mirror/Dignity” is more buoyant, like Lykke Li copulating with Neu! There’s a motorik thread running through the song’s DNA, but UMA don’t simply replicate but absorb. There’s also an undeniable Animal Collective psychedelic collage in the song’s closing moments.
A darker, more mesmerizing turn is taken on “Birds,” with the duo exploring space in a mathematical way, dropping in noise at intervals with Ella singing “Where have you gone, gone… Where do I belong?”
If one can imagine a German Beach Boys fronted by a female vocalist, well then “Dream Machine” might be the embodiment of that daydream. In a way, it’s an electronic sampler of the 1968 “Smiley Smile” album, and probably the EP’s strongest track. If UMA can pull off this sort of sonic alchemy on a future LP, then they’ll have no shortage of listeners.
Also featured on the EP is a remix of “Drop Your Soul” by Yosi Harikawa, which at times strays a bit too close to the Animal Collective template—that is, until 1:14, when synthetic harp strings or Japanese stringed instrument samples, add another dimension to the sound. The result is sublime and wondrous. A moment of alchemical synaesthesia.
The EP, with a cover that is one part Bjork and one part Klaus Nomi, will be available as 7” via Enraptured Records and Seayou Records. Watch the video below as well, which is supposedly inspired by German Dada artist Hugo Ball and Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer” (

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