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Renewing – JULIA SHAPIRO: Natural (First single from “PERFECT VERSION”, Hardly Art, 2019)

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“When Julia Shapiro flew home from a cancelled Chastity Belt tour in April 2018, everything in her life felt out of control. Dealing with health issues, freshly out of a relationship, and in the middle of an existential crisis, she realized halfway through a tour supporting her band’s third album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone that she was going through too much to continue. “I was really struggling; I was really depressed. I felt like I couldn’t sing or be a person,” Shapiro recalls. “At that point I couldn’t even imagine playing a show again, I was so over it.”
Returning home to a newly empty Seattle one-bedroom apartment, Shapiro had wanted for a long time to learn how to record and mix her own music, and out of the uncertainty of the future of her music career and her health, she began to record the songs that would become Perfect Version, her solo debut for Hardly Art. What she created in the space of ten songs is an intimate and beautifully self-aware examination of feeling lost in the life you’ve created for yourself. It’s an album of shimmering guitars and layered vocals that feels vast in the emotional depth it conveys and masterful in the way each song is intentionally crafted and recorded” (Press Notes)

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Swedish Winter – RED SLEEPING BEAUTY: Stockholm (Matinée Recordings, 2019)

Stockholm CD

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After a 15-year disappearance, they returned in 2016 with new releases including the excellent album ‘Kristina’ on Shelflife and Labrador.  The band contributed a smash hit to the ‘Matinée World Cup’ EP last year and this album marks their official first full release for Matinée. 
The euphoric ‘We Are Magic’ is both the first song recorded for the album and the first song Kristina sang after defeating cancer. With swirling synthesizers and crystalline vocals, it marks an especially impressive return for the band and is the perfect opening track for the album. 
With an intro that should appeal to vintage O.M.D. enthusiasts, ‘Always On Your Side’ is an indie gem featuring Niklas on lead vocals, while ‘Tonight’ is an ode to the hopes and possibilities of youthful summer nights and a hit single just waiting to happen. 
‘New York City Girls’ channels early Pet Shop Boys and Kraftwerk and is surely the coolest song recorded by the band to date, and ‘A Perfect Facade’ is a sad song detailing life in a small seaside town and featuring the angelic backing vocals of Rose Suau of Shoestrings / Djustin / Invisible Twins fame. 
Side two of the album opens with ‘Top Love’—a duet about everyday life and a modern synth classic complete with shameless Yazoo outro, and is followed by ‘Tell Me Lies’ featuring pop guitars, a heavenly chorus, and lyrics about having really high thoughts about yourself.
Having stolen their name from a great McCarthy single, it was only a matter of time before the band covered ‘Red Sleeping Beauty’ and now, nearly 30 years after their first recordings, their haunting version slots perfectly into the new album. 
Future dancefloor filler ‘The Swedish Winter’ is the band’s most Saint Etienne moment so far—a song about the long, depressing Swedish winter and the short (one day or so), not-so-depressing Swedish summer, while album closer ‘Don’t Cry for Me, California’ begins as a power ballad but morphs into another club hit, complete with 80s Pet Shop Boys orchestral flourishes.
Mixed and mastered by sound genius Tomas Bodén (co-producer of the latest album from fellow Swedes The Radio Dept.), ‘Stockholm’ is by far the strongest set of Red Sleeping Beauty songs to date with the right amount of edge and spark to allow them to reach their true potential” (Press Notes)

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Pre-Order the new album from Dressy Bessy – Fast Faster Disaster, out June 14th. (Yep Roc Records)

La imagen puede contener: una persona

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Tienen un amplio bagaje a sus espaldas y continúan sonando frescos, mezclando divertidos hooks de Indie-Pop con ese espíritu nuevaolero. Además, para la ocasión, se hacen acompañar, entre otros, de Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks), Ken Stringfellow (The Posies), and Corin Tucker (Sleater Kinney).

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Tour Dates
May 17 – 40 Watt Club – Athens, GA*
May 18 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA*
May 19 – Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC*
May 20 – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC*
May 21 – Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA*
May 23 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA*
May 24 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY*
June 13 – Downtown Artery – Fort Collins, CO+
June 14-15 – Lion’s Lair – Denver, CO+
June 26 – Sleeping Village – Chicago, IL^
June 27 – Outer Limits Lounge – Detroit, MI^
June 28 – The Funhouse at Mr. Small’s – Millvale, PA^
June 29 – Beachland Ballroom & Tavern –Cleveland, OH^
June 30 – The Rec Room – Toronto, ON^
July 13 – 80/35 Music Festival 2019 – Des Moines, IA
July 18 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA^
July 19 – Moroccan Lounge – Los Angeles, CA^
July 20 – Ivy Room – Albany, CA^

*w/ Filthy Friends
+w/ Potty Mouth
^w/ Potty Mouth & Colleen Green

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Redención – MIKAL CRONIN: Undertow (Advanced Single, Merge Records, 2019)

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Después de la pequeña decepción que supuso MCIII, Cronin se ha redimido con este sencillo guitarrero e intenso titulado Undertow, que nos evoca, salvando las enormes distancias, inmediatamente al gran crooner eléctrico: Neil Young. Supongo que será la dirección sonora que tomará en un futuro cercano. 

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Vacaville – TULLYCRAFT: The Railway Prince Hotel (HHBM Records, 2018)

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El placer de escuchar un disco tan fresco viniendo de una banda veterana es mayor cuando se disfruta de canciones como We couldn´t dance to Billy Joel, Hearts at the sound, Has your boyfriend lost his flavour on the bedpost overnight? o la que da título a este breve pero más que intenso Lp: The Railway Prince Hotel. Un disco más que celebrado no sólo por su estupendo repertorio de canciones pegadizas, intensas y no exentas de interés a nivel de letras, sino por ser un estupendo bagaje para un grupo que se mantiene más que fresco tras veinte años de carrera.

“On their seventh album, The Railway Prince Hotel, Tullycraft haven’t gone disco or heavy metal, and they haven’t mellowed; they are still energetic twee poppers through and through. Sean Tollefson still writes hooky, bubblegummy songs that are cute but not fully, he and Jenny Mears still sing like a cardigan-clad Sonny & Cher, guitarists/multi-instrumentalists Chris Munford and Corianton Hale know how to put a song together, and it all sounds instantly familiar to anyone who ever fell in love with aTullycraft song. The band have been making music for almost 20 years and still sound as fresh and inspired as ever. Up-tempo tracks like “We Couldn’t Dance to Billy Joel” and “Has Your Boyfriend Lost His Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?” have all the humor and spunk of their early records; “It’s Not Explained It’s Delaware” is a sprightly sprint most kids half their age would be hard-pressed to keep up with; and “Midi Midinette” has all the swinging bounce of their best work. Like most of Tullycraft‘s latter-day albums, Railway Prince Hotel isn’t just fun and games; there are tracks that have some depth, too. Maybe a little less this time than on Lost in Light Rotation, but songs like “Passing Observations” and “Hearts at the Sound” have a burnished nostalgic glow brought about by warm hearts and treasured memories. It adds up to another great album in every regard except the sound. Their longtime drummer Jeff Fell is absent, and he’s greatly missed. There’s a tinny, half-finished feel to many of the songs, and that’s because they didn’t play as a band, but built the songs piece by piece instead. This drop-off in sonic quality isn’t enough to make the album a wreck or render it a miss; however, it does bring it down a notch from some of their recent albums that had great songs and exciting performances, but also a richer, more powerful sound. That said, even a less-than-stellar Tullycraftalbum is worth a spin or three” (All Music)

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UMMAGMA: Caravan (Advanced single, from “Compass”, Emerald & Doreen Records, 2019)

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“Indie pop electronic rock duo Ummagma have announced their new album ‘Compass’, to be released in June via Manchester-based label Leonard Skully Records. Their third long-play, this is the duo’s first album in six years and also the first time the band is releasing a record on vinyl.
Ahead of this album, they present the ‘Caravan’ single, along with a special B-side ‘Ty i Ya’. The title track is an invigorating pop rock anthem inspired by the musicians’ own journeys and infused with Carpathian gammas and percussion” (Press Note)

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Dreamers – DEATH AND VANILLA: Nothing is real (Advanced Single, Fire Records, 2019)

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Etéreos, libres, espirituales… DEATH AND VANILLA son una banda sueca ya conocida en TJB que van a presentar en breve nuevo disco: Are you a Dreamer?, en la disquera Fire Records. Su música está impregnada por lo mejor del Dream y del Shoegaze. Lo esperamos con ansiedad.

“Prior to recording their new album ‘Are You A Dreamer?’, they scored several soundtracks, that process undoubtedly influencing the new album’s dreamlike euphoria built with added mellotron and affected electric guitar. Expanded with bass and drums in their quest for the grail, Death And Vanilla’s songs are longer; more plush and pampered; more hypnotic and haunting” (Press Note)

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Poisoned Darts – THEE OH SEES: Smote Reverser (Castle Face Records, 2019)

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THEE OH SEES han crecido exponencial y musicalmente en todos estos años. Su música ha evolucionado hacia una especie de Pop endurecido, con callo, cercano al Rock más progresivo (su paralelismo más próximo sería un Ty Segall), pero que por momentos pareciera que volase hacia territorios cercanos hasta géneros sesenteros como el Jazz-Soul, cuando en sus inicios eran una banda más cercana al garaje que a otra cosa.
Esa consistencia la han conseguido a base de directos impresionantes, de esas actuaciones adictivas y sudorosas que son imposible de dejar indiferente a nadie. En TJB siempre hemos sido muy de las huestes de John Dwyer, y Smote Reverser (Castle Face, 2018) es otra confirmación más.

“On Smote Reverser’s opener “Sentient Oona,” he continues to blur the line between singer and narrator, weaving a tale of sleeping spells and all-seeing eyes atop a coolly rumbling drumbeat; you can practically picture him communing with a crystal ball. But even as the song erupts into jolts of organ (courtesy of Memory alum Tom Dolas) and burning arpeggios, the production feels dryer and more chiseled. The heaviness is not in the volume and distortion, but rather in the force with which hands are hitting the instruments.
“Sentient Oona” also finds Oh Sees continuing to develop their double-drummer dynamic in exciting ways, with Rincon and Quattrone laying down interwoven patterns that both propel and disrupt the momentum. For a band once content to lock into a pulsating groove and blaze out for the horizon, Oh Sees have become adept in the art of the curveball; Just as the dreamy Dwyer/Dawson duet “Last Peace” seems like it’s going to dissolve into a hookah-bar haze, it blasts off into an exhilarating space-bound jam. And sounding not unlike the wiggy breakdown in Edgar Winter’s 1972 prog-funk novelty “Frankenstein” stretched out to 12 minutes, “Anthemic Aggressor” is Oh Sees at their most deliriously unhinged, all solar-flare synths, short-circuiting guitar twitches, and furious jumpy-jazz rhythm.
These epic odysseys are counterbalanced by brief shocks like “Overthrown,” where Dwyer’s gnashed-teeth growl teeters toward thrash metal. But even as he seems more comfortable bringing hischildhood love of Dungeons & Dragons and latent love of Rush-worthy guitar solos to the fore, Smote Reverser remains unmistakably Oh Sees by virtue of Dwyer’s clockwork, chorus-resistant songwriting style—you can always count on each verse to tee up another berserker instrumental break. Like Orc before it,Smote Reverser can’t help but lose some of its power as it approaches the hour-long mark—the wandering Floydian instrumental “Flies Bump Against the Glass” and whimsical, Wakeman-esque synthphony “Beat Quest” don’t quite deliver the grand finale this castle-storming record deserves. But by that point, Oh Sees have put forth more than enough Progasaurus gusto to rightfully earn their capes” (Pitchfork)

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Silent Summer: Instrumentals Volume 1 (2019)

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SUMMER FICTION (Aka. Bill Richini) ha silenciado las voces de muchos de sus temas para completar un álbum de instrumentales con varios cortes de su discografía que adquieren un nuevo tono con este tratamiento. Interesante para ambientar una buena fiesta post almuerzo.

“Brian Wilson meets Johnny Marr.” –SPIN

“World weary yet heartwarming any time of year.” – NPR

“Lovely songs with a hint of French new wave.” –Vogue

“Perfect pop recalling Pet Sounds Beach Boys.” – WNYC

“Brilliant 60s-esque AM pop.” –New York Magazine

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El mapa de los sentimientos – JONSTON: Los Sentimientos (Gramaciones Grabofónicas, 2018)

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Jonston ha llegado a un punto de madurez creativa que le ha dado para crear un cancionero más que rico en sentimientos, emociones y letras que simplifican la sencillez con la crudeza de esos sentimientos a flor de piel, sean del tipo que sean. Musicalmente, su propuesta se ha dulcificado y ha tendido hacia un sonido más claro y más cercano al Folk que al Pop más eléctrico de sus comienzos. En cualquier caso, la herramienta da lo mismo: Jonston continúa siendo ese cantautor moderno y con ínfulas de malditismo que nos deslumbró a comienzos de la década.

“Jonston es, de las personas que conozco en Madrid, de los que hace las canciones más bonitas. Este disco nuevo es maravilloso. El mejor suyo. Es muy emocionante y bonito…
El adjetivo “bonito” creo yo que está demasiado denostado. Jonston repite ese adjetivo mucho en su primera canción, Tres dimensiones.
La canción Los sentimientos es una de las más emocionantes que escuché nunca. Mientras la oyes, te entran unas ganas tremendas de ir allí donde esté Jonston y arroparle. Esa sensación no desaparece en ningún momento durante la escucha del disco, por mucho que se ponga rumbero como en La guitarra o te eches unas risas con Hablando del tiempo.
Son sólo ocho canciones con vocación de ser pequeñas pero ahí erra el tiro José Martorell porque no puede evitar que sean muy grandes. Que se joda.” – David Rodríguez (La Estrella de David, La Bien Querida)

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Projections – A SHORELINE DREAM: Waitout (Latenight Weeknight Records, 2019)

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Suenan un tanto plúmbeos, pesados pero con la mejor esencia del Shoegaze más otoñal. Publican sus trabajos en su propia discográfica, lo que les da una libertad creativa y una independencia que muchos querrían para sí.

“With an enormous wall of sound pummeling the listener from the first seconds of the featured single entitled “waitout,” it is apparent that they have rekindled the early years” (PASTE MAGAZINE) 

“Most people will say that a song, or even an album or video, is beautiful. But you almost never hear anyone say that a band or artist is beautiful. A Shoreline Dream is simply put, beautiful. Every song released by them is a step further in the evolution of revolution and a mark in time to be cherished and appreciated” (JAMMERZINE)


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XXX – AXOLOTES MEXICANOS: Salu2 (Elefant Records, 2018)

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“Pop con espíritu punk en su velocidad furibunda y exacerbada dulzura en lo melódico, como unos jóvenes Green Day haciendo versiones de una primeriza La Casa Azul. O al revés. Todo ello salpicado de arreglos aparentemente antagonistas de hardcore o metal y J-Pop (¿BabyMetal?) que remiten a Helen Love o Kero Kero Bonito y suponen otra colección de canciones arrebatadoras. En sus fugaces 31 minutos de guitarrazos combinados con glitchpop desbocado, giros rítmicos audaces e inesperados al filo del descarrile, no hay apenas respiro (sólo la cadenciosa ‘Intro’ instrumental y ‘Menos 100’ rebajan levemente el nivel de excitación) y ‘Astor’, ‘Heavens Gate’, ‘Nacida para sufrir’ y ‘Estanquero’ se sitúan de inmediato como sus mayores himnos, a la altura de la gran ‘Disparo de amor (…)
Pero, al margen de ese perfil de punk-pop extremo, ‘Salu2’ supone también una evolución en la carrera de Axolotes Mexicanos, especialmente en unas letras en las que Olaya (cuya faceta de dibujante y guionista de cómic tenemos el privilegio de albergar cada semana en la secciónYo he venido de mi casa) abandona la fantasía e inocencia de sus primeras canciones y se traslada a la realidad más cruda y personal. Miseria económica (‘Menos 100’), amor irracional (‘Estanquero’) y desamor cabal (‘Astor’, ‘Sin ti’), resacas, horas perdidas en la Red esperando una señal de esa persona (‘Doble Check’), procrastinación vocacional (‘Vaga’, que va de lo acústico a lo furioso), sustos en los ciclos menstruales (‘Farmacia’, una de las canciones más sorprendentes, con ese toque cumbiero), odio explícito (“he perdido por navidades que se muera Jorge Cremades”, canta en ‘Nacida para sufrir’) y venganza (¿qué cara se le habrá quedado a la tal Débora de ‘Debora Tartas’, con semejante retahíla de lindezas?) se plasman sin filtros y trufadas de referencias de la cultura popular en unas letras que retratan la precariedad a la que se ve abocada la generación que más ha padecido los efectos de la crisis económica. A esto se refiere su paisano Nacho Vegas cuando dice que “lo personal es político”. Un retrato vital crudo y contundente con el que dejarse el culo bailando y que confirma que Axolotes Mexicanos son mucho más interesantes de lo que su apariencia popi pudiera decir” (Jenesaispop)

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The same shit – THIN LIPS: Chosen Family (Lame-O Records, 2018)

Chosen Family

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La mierda de siempre, pero mira, es mierda de la buena. Vamos por partes. El segundo trabajo de THIN LIPS es un disco que verdaderamente no va a sorprender a nadie. Incluso yo mismo me he sorprendido escuchándolo repetidas veces, pero hay que reconocer que, aun siendo un género más que trillado (el Pop-Punk de raíz noventera y radiado en las college stations), los chicos han dado en la tecla con este segundo trabajo: bonitas melodías y estribillos con esos trallazos de guitarras que siempre suelen dar buen resultado. Sí, esto lo hacían Pixies o Weezer hace veinticinco años, pero a determinadas edades éste es el tipo de música que te sale. Si te gusta, lo vas a pasar bien.

“Fast forward to 2017, and Chrissy and Kyle are demoing songs for Thin Lips’ second LP ‘Chosen Family’ on a laptop, chopping up pre-recorded drum samples and arranging guitar parts. Whereas the songs on Thin Lips’ first album ‘Riff Hard’ were raucous, punk-driven affairs, this new batch of songs sees Chrissy focusing on purposeful, sharp guitar hooks; stripping away the gutsy solos and leaving more room for Kyle and Mikey to add thoughtful details to their expertly calculated rhythms. Chrissy and Kyle’s extended pre-production also led to the addition of some tasteful keyboard and synth lines throughout the record, most notably on the enormous chorus of “Smoking Is For Quitters” (Lame-O Press Note)

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Pioneering – JAZZ DISPENSARY: SOUL DIESEL VOL. 2 (Craft Recordings, 2019)

No hay ninguna descripción de la foto disponible.

#TheJangleBox #NovedadesTheJangleBox #DescubreTheJangleBox #RememberTheJangleBox

Una recopilación indispensable para iniciarse en los caminos del Jazz-Soul de la mano de músicos imprescindibles como Melvin Sparks, Idris Muhammad, Rusty Bryant, Billy ButlerMerl Saunders, Cal TjaderCOOL !!

Track Listing: 
Side One:
1. Billy Butler – The Twang Thang
2. Melvin Sparks – Who’s Gonna Take The Weight [single version]
3. Gene Ammons – Jungle Strut
4. Merl Saunders Quintet – Soul Grooving
Side Two:
1. Rusty Bryant – Cootie Boogaloo
2. Cal Tjader – Mamblues
3. Idris Muhammad – Wander

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Old Guys – THE LEMONHEADS: Varshons#2 (Fire Records, 2019)

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“It’s nearly ten years since The Lemonheads strummed to a halt on their ninth studio album, a perky well received set of covers that brought together many unlikely bedfellows (Gibby Haynes produced, Kate Moss did a cameo vocal).
Gram Parsons, Wire, and GG Allin: You’d be hard pressed to find three more disparate rock acts, yet on ‘Varshons’ they all sound like the Lemonheads – boppy, overcast alt-rock delivered at a fast clip and sung in a whiskey tenor” (Pitchfork)

01 Can’t Forget (Yo La Tengo)
02 Settled Down Like Rain (The Jayhawks)
03 Old Man Blank (The Bevis Frond)
04 Things (Paul Westerberg)
05 Speed of the Sound of Loneliness (John Prine)
06 Abandoned (Lucinda Williams)
07 Now and Then (Natural Child)
08 Magnet (NRBQ)
09 Round Here (Florida Georgia Line)
10 TAQN (The Eyes)
11 Unfamiliar (The GiveGoods)
12 Straight to You (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
13 Take It Easy (The Eagles)

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Jane Weaver anuncia nuevo disco: ‘Loops In The Secret Society’ para el 21 de junio. Sloops (LOOPS Variation), Single de adelanto

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“That source material was then united in an expansionist experiment in late 2018. The ‘Loops In The Secret Society’ tour fused unrelated sounds set off against sympathetic new textures, tones and drones; hot-housed into an idealistic soundscape that formed the conducive parts of the imminent album of the same name. 
“(A) beguiling spiritual medium for immaculate psychedelia.” (The Guardian)

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LOS MARCIANOS: Frágil=Valiente (Vídeo-Single, 2019)

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“Los Marcianos, editaban “Nuevo Orden Cósmico” (Clifford Records, 2018) el pasado mes de noviembre, contando con la producción del prestigioso Carlos Hernández (Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Los Planetas, Viva Suecia…), en la que daban un paso hacia sonidos más shoegaze, sin perder ese pop contagioso de melodías y estribillos, que ya dejaron entrever en su anterior álbum” (Prensa)


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BOBITO: Piramidal (Vídeo-Single, 2019)

#TheJangleBox #NovedadesTheJangleBox #PopEspañolTheJangleBox#DescubreTheJangleBox #RememberTheJangleBox

“Bobito, la superbanda murciana formada por Roberto López y Miguel Ángel Torres (Clara Plath), Eduardo Pérez (The Lawyers) y Juan Antonio Ross (Ross), nos presentan el videoclip de “Piramidal”, tema extraido de su EP debut “El verano de las cenizas” que fue publicado el pasado noviembre 2018 por el sello Flor y Nata Records y del que  ya adelantaron la electrificante “Celofán”. Bobito acaba de presentar “El verano de las cenizas” en Microsonidos 2019 y no tardarán en anunciar nuevas fechas” (Prensa)


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