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Stanley Ross: Mn-Ep (2010)


Este sencillo título Mn-Ep es el que el músico de Chicago Nicholas Meiers –aka Stanley Ross- ha elegido para denominar a su último trabajo discográfico. Un disco preñado de Americana, Power Pop y sonidos ya conocidos y trabajados en innumerables ocasiones. Qué más da. El resultado es siempre satisfactorio, y oyendo temas como el que abre el disco, Do it with your days, el mejor del mismo, uno se reconforta una y otra vez con el Pop de toda la vida, con ese de estructura lineal de líneas, estribillo y clímax.  Un gran tema que está grabado con una frescura que hace de él una canción de las que denominamos intemporales. Stanley Ross es algo así como un Brendan Benson al estilo de Chicago. El resto del disco, no desentona demasiado pero no tienen la grandeza de Do it with your days. El Ep lo edita Rock-Proper y como toda su producción, lo ofrece en descarga gratuita.

Stanley Ross – Mn-Ep (2010)

“The first hi-hats were called “clangers”, small cymbals mounted on a bass drum rim and hit with an arm on the bass drum pedal. Next came “snow shoes”, two hinged boards with cymbals on the ends that were clashed together. Then came the “low-boy” much like the modern hi-hat but the cymbals were close to the ground. When disassembled, drum parts look alot like bicycle parts. The steel tubes are about the same diameter and small bits of bicycle chain is usually used to trigger the hi-hat and kick drum.
Young Nicholas Meiers rode a Diamond Back around his hometown of Bizmarck, North Dakota. Vintage security cameras caught him from many angles, on a perpetual sugar high, zooming from the art deco shadows of the capitol building to the banks of the Missouri on a constant lookout for something new to light on fire. He did the usual things with his time that any kid would do, he just did a lot more of them. His energy was / is unparalleled, some would call him a dynamo and some would call him a spazz.
hy·per·ac·tive adj.
1. Highly or excessively active
2. a. Having behavior characterized by overactivity. b. Having attention deficit disorder. Not in scientific use.
3. Nick Meiers
The multiverse (meta-universe or metaverse) is a theory that multiple universes exist comprising the entirity of space and time. One theory exists of a hyperactive universe in which a mirror of our universe is accelerated or “spun” to blinding speeds. Typically these theories are illustrated with large discs, representing each parallel universe, clanging against each other.
When hit while closed, the hi-hat gives a short, muted percussive sound. However, by adjusting the gap between the cymbals a performer can alter the sound to a shimmering, sustained tone”

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