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The Leaf Library: Rings of Saturn (Video-Single, Wiaiwya Records, 2015)

“The Leaf Libray’s return to wiaiwya has been a long time coming, but, ooooh boy, it’s worth the wait. The record is full of wonderfully woozy drone pop tunes about meteorology, the seasons and the incoming sea, and features guest appearances from members of Hot Chip, the Drink, the Clientele, the Left Outsides and Steven James Adams” (Press)

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The Leaf Library: The Greater Good (Single, Wiaiwya, 2014)

Fantástico corte de Drone-Pop, con el que los londinenses The Leaf Library hacen un guiño a Stereolab, o a The American Analog Set, y de paso colaboran en la serie de sencillos que la discográfica Wiaiwya ha denominado wiaiwya-7777777.

“The Greater Good is a song about tiny moments of connection in a busy city, a bright and busy drone-pop love song for people you’ve never met glimpsed on underground platforms and opposite escalators. Built around a humming Farfisa, stacked guitars and late-for-work drums it hurries along to its happy, one chord finish – an ideal song for the Friday evening commute or for not dancing to whilst thinking about what could have been. The b-side, Goodbye Four Walls, is a quiet/noisy song for unplanned and unrehearsed expeditions on sunny city streets, preferably flying solo having just bought a good book. Both songs are optimistic odes to city living and will enhance your enjoyment of whichever urban conurbation you happen to be in.
The Leaf Library make droney, two-chord, pop that’s stuck halfway between the garage and the bedroom, all topped with lyrical love songs to buildings, stationery and the weather. Originally from Reading (ish) but now settled in London they have released one album so far, 2011’s ‘Different Activities, Similar Diversions’ on Proper Songs and a 10” single – ‘Losing Places’ (backed with a fantastic Isan remix). They love Hood, Broadcast, Yo La Tengo, To Rococo Rot, Mice Parade, Talk Talk, Stereolab, Brian Eno and The American Analog Set among many many other things”


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