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Peter and The Penguins: How to choose a sweetheart (2009), Not Lame

Cuando nos llegó un mail a finales del año pasado de Peter and The Penguins para invitarnos a disfrutar de su MySpace, así como de su música y su próximo disco, nos decidimos a dedicarle un Universo MySpace, pero en vista de la calidad de su trabajo y de que se trata de un disco ya finalizado, me he decidido a dedicarle un post entero a este How to choose a sweetheart (2009), el disco de debut de esta paradojicamente ya veterana banda nórdica. A primera vista sus influencias son más que evidentes: el Mersey Beat de toda la vida y el Power-Pop más melódico. Para muchos, entre los que me incluyo, nos pueden parecer demasiado revivalistas, para otros, sin embargo, este disco será algo así como un soplo de aire fresco que les dé en la cara, de bruces y sin anestesia. Una bofetada del mejor Norwegian Mersey Beat (como ellos mismos definen su sonido) de sopetón: melodías impecables, distorsiones justitas y armonías vocales que no faltan en ninguno de todos los temas del álbum (Sweetheart, The Walk, She took me by surprise, Bumble bee, If you wanna leave me, We don´t wanna fall in love, That day will come); detalles de Pop sesentero más a lo Ray Davies (Barefoot, Give me a clue, There goes Pete Best); o del Power-Pop (I want you, Here I go again, There´s no living here without you, You should have seen my turtle). ¿Revivalistas?: Sin dudarlo. Lo importante: disfrutar de las melodías impecables de este disco que nos transporta a una época de inocencia Pop (canciones originales y covers incluidas), de delicadezas musicales que, si bien no pasarán a la historia, sí que nos puede hacer pasar momentos más que agradables.

“Norwegian Import and a stunner for fans of The Spongetones and other newer bands that have arrived in the last few years happily digging up the Mersey sounds of early Beatles like The Fore and The Offbeat. I heard this album as it was being developed and was so excited by the quality of the material you shall see the Not Lame logo on it as a stamp of high, high quality so it is hard to expand from that and how strongly I feel this material is going to appeal to many Not Lamers.
A learned pop fan of excellent taste and pedigree on the power pop scene for 15 years, Alan Haber of BUHDGE and PURE POP RADIO has some similar strong feelings on “How To Choose A Sweetheart” – Peter And The Penguins usher in the new beat(le-esque) era, and are the latest, fab stewards of the good ship Beatle-esque to steer the ears of melodic pop fans and denizens of the beat music era to a rousing chorus of yeah, yeah, yeahs. A round of hearty handclaps, then, for these boys from Norway. Prepare to get Penguin-ized! `There`s No Living Here Without You` takes its cues from a decidedly McCartney-ized reservoir of melodic structure, a la Macca`s `My Brave Face` (the infectious bass line is pure, Paul). Not only is the basic structure of the infectious, mid-tempo popper `If You Wanna Leave Me for Somebody New` basically Beatle-esque (dig the instrumental section piano line for a warm nod back to early Fabs), the song is a veritable 60`s nod (don`t miss the delectable Mamas and Papas moment in the middle-eight). For more 60`s pleasure, the marvelous `Barefoot` wears its Beach Boys worship on its intensely-melodic sleeve, no more so than during its gorgeous, opening a cappella section. A decidedly Beatle-esque, early era-style bopper. A hook-heavy chorus and a thumping bass, not to mention Harrison-esque DNA dripping from the lead guitar lines, fuel the upbeat `She Took Me By Surprise. There`s no doubt about it: Peter and the Penguins is the Beatle-esque `it` band of the moment. If Beatle-esque and beat pop are your game, then you`re in for a great time, and you can`t beat that!” – Alan Haber. Records like this don`t come along often enough so it is a great cause of celebration deserving your time to listen to the soundbites below and see how it all fits for your tastes! HUGELY Recommended!!
Cómpralo/Get it
Oír/Hear: She took me by surprise
Oír/Hear: There goes Pete Best

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